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Feeling stuck…

You ought to post the text of your blog on the main forum page and try to get some dialogue going on this. Another poster just started a group for people w/ higher A1Cs. There is quite a bit of traffic on the forum but I also think a lot of it is the same people and, if statistics are to be believed, there are a lot more people with challenges who might benefit from a more vocal presence? I would also like to see the dialogue explored with the medical community and see what they are telling people with higher A1Cs? I always used insulin like something I’d buy in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert and, if my BG was highter, I’d have another hit and get it where I wanted. (occasionally, of course, I’d get carried away and wake up naked in a pool of cranberry juice but that’s another story…). I suspect that a post would be a hit and perhaps 1) get more traffic in the forum and 2) maybe help a bunch of people? I’d just toss a link up but well, it’s an interesting blog with an interesting and potentially useful perspective I think?

I also want to add that the term no-hitter is brilliant (I have been reading Baseball Prospectus and Forecaster as FBB season kicks off in 2 weeks for me…) and I will start using it as much as I can remember. Congratulations on your overall story of success which should also be put out there. It’s frustrating and challenging but it sounds like you are seeing results and progress. A1C is not the only goal and it is possible to get decent numbers and have crappy BG all over the place too. Your mom is right!

thanks, acidrock23! it’s a good idea! i’ll think about it.

Glad you liked the “no-hitter” term! can’t take credit for that! check out

There are threads over there that get pulled up years after the last post, I presume b/c people are searching for topics of interest? I’ll post in some of them to keep them around. They can be sort of eerie, b/c the people who’d originally been involved seem to have drifted away? Ghost threads or something like that. I like the dialogues that get going. I’ve also noticed that there have been a few threads recently for people who are not all achieiving really good results. I’m not entirely inclined to “blame” them but I’m always very curious to learn what exactly their doctors are telling them?