My First Blog

Here it goes..

This is my first blog in the blog world. After reading Six Until Me and other Diabetes blogs I have been wanting to share my stories and experiences with everyone else also. I think it is so important for Diabetics to talk and share stories about how they are handling situations. I have also felt great comfort in seeing other's A1C numbers.

Lately, it has been so frustrating when I get the results because it does not seem to reflect what my daily numbers are showing. I am always so confident that it will be a good number and then BAM I hit the floor again when I get the results.

So, I am planning on focusing my blogs on how I manage my diabetes with my trusty pump and the results I am getting. I will most probably digress and talk about other things that are going on. I am on a journey right now to try new things, meet new people and make lasting friendships.

Stay tuned and join me as I embark on many adventures with my trusty little blue pump.

Awesome! thanks for sharing…