Me, i’m 13 years old and had diabetes for 4 years. I live In Ely which is near Cambridge. i’m in yr 9 and hav got 2 take my options next yr. Dont no wot 2 take. My hobbies are drummin, which i’ve done for just over a yr and realy enjoy. And i do a martial art called Tang Soo Doo. I’ve done it for 5 yrs and am a blue belt(1 away from black) i get 2 use a knife which is cool. Soon i’ll be using a sword!!! I also play for Ely Tigers, my local rugby team.I play left wing cause im fast and not 2 big which is gd. Because i’m so active i think i can control my diabetes better. In the holidays i tend 2 go higher than normal cause i eat more and do less. Im on 4-6 injections a day which is alright but can get me down somtimes but most of the time i just grit my teeth and bear it. I do lantas at night then novorapid in the day which is gd cause i can eat wot i want but no i hav 2 do a injection.

Well dats me in a nutshell.