"Why Me?"


I am happy to have joined this website. To share and listen to other people who are fighting and are struggling through this epidemic that has struck us. Some of us are still asking ourselves " Why me?" I ask myself this question everyday. When I was diagnosed with diabetes type II on Jan 2, 2o06, I could not believe that this disease had taken over my body and that i had become one more person who’s life was cut down ten years. I fell into a deep depression because i knew my life would no longer be the same as before. I had to adapt myself on having limitations (ie. drinking, walking bare foot, eatting sweets, risky pregnancy…) Which brings me to my next issue; I have a 9 month old baby whom to me is a miracle. I had a high risk pregnancy, I had to be put on insulin and I was in and out of the hospital due to the fact that they could not get my sugar level under control. It would either drop to almost 19 ( which i almost went into coma) or 300. I was told my baby could be harmed in many ways( heart disease, complications during birth, a large baby 8-9lbs) if my sugar level did not normalized. I did not enjoy my craving as much nor the ability to eat as much as i wanted without feeling any guilt. I am really thank-ful that my son was born without any complications. Unfortunately my fear does not end there, now that i have my family I ask how much more will i be able to enjoy since I am not in control?


Hang in there! Life aint done with us yet:)
Take a peek at my pic. None of my kids were under 8 pounds! I was gestative diabetic with all of them. (I’m type 2 now.)
We do have days of wishing for those old treats. It is depressing. Still, you can move on with lots of happy times.
Food you can choose to enjoy and good times with your family can keep on rolling. It takes time to get under control. That is very individual. Take it easy and test alot. Find what works best for you. Go for walks with that sweet little boy!


Welcome!!! You have to stop worrying about the future and just live for now! Get yourself under control and the rest will take control! I took diabetes at 10 and at that time they told me I would never live to see 30 well I proved them wrong! I’m now 44! HA1 They also told me after 3 miscarrages I would never have a baby. Well I got 2 girls one 19 and the other 17 and in March I will be a grandma not only once but twice!!! By my Type 1 diabetic daughter who was born with 1 hand and took d at 11 and is now a CNA! Just fight and prove to them their wrong! I had a 1st cousin who was the 1st diabetic in our family and very religous when I took D at 10 I cried the “Why me” to her and she told me I was special and was here to teach future generations how to deal with this problem. I took that to heart. She had alot of complications and died at 48 so it’s getting close for me right now I’m 44.
When I turned 30 I called her crying about being 30 and at that time she was 38 I ask her how she got threw 30 and she said something that I have always kept in mind she said, " I just thank God for everyday I’m here" At that time she had lost both legs up to her thighs and had had a kidney transplant and was DRIVIND her van!!! I always thought if she could do that I would make it! Always look to the bright side there’s always someone out there worse off than you.! Though I will admit at times I can’t seem to find them! HA! Enjoy that little boy and teach him how to be strong and he will always look up to you! You will be his insperation!! Though I don’t know if boys are like girls but mine told me when they got into their teens and I grounded them at various times they wished I was dead and I told them I was gonna live to make their lives hell! Boy were they mad!!! I told my mom that too but she passed 2 1/2 years ago and boy do I wish I had her now! Chin up girl you will make it!!


MedowLark is speaking the truth this is an indiviual thing what works for you maynot work for me. Food after awhile it will become a way of life for you. Just remember that it will take time to get used to and just TEST almost all the time!!! HA! Don’t sound like fun but you will get to where when you get a low one (not too low) you will enjoy the crap out of it and really feel like you done something right! OK you will feel like 1 in a million!!!


Yes, Vanessa…Hang in there. Nobody in this world has any kind of guarantee on the length of their life whether they are the healthiest and richest person ever. Life is a gift and yes WE as people with diabetes have to work at it harder than others but I am determined that we can have long and healthy and happy lives. Enjoy your family. Enjoy life and remember to take care of yourself!