Measuring Success

Today I came home from the doctor really happy. It was my family doctor - I see her every three months just like my endo and my gastro. Since May I have lost 25 pounds. Hip Hip . . . .

What I did was not just measure everything I ate. I decided to not measure my success by my goal - meaning I’m gonna lose “x” amount of weight. I decided to measure my success by the journey. Did I take all my meds and on time? Yes. Did I write down everything I ate and calculate my calories and carbs? Yes. Did I think about everything I put in my mouth - water, quality food, quantity food? Yes. I walked as much as I could? Yes. I looked for a day to day success in my actions / life instead of day to day success on a scale. That sucker bounces up and down so much I was making myself crazy.

And, three months later, I felt like a success before I went to her office. And the rest / the outcome on the scale – Well, it took care of itself. I walked out of her office really happy.

Funny, I tell my students this all the time. Do the homework, study every night, participate every day in class and the test grade will reflect the journey. Why didn’t I listen to myself? Focus on the journey.

Congratulations! I love hearing things like this!

Thank you. I try to be positive (which isn’t always easy when talking about weight loss or the lack of).

I need to also give credit to my endo. He keeps a dietician on staff that teaches weekly classes that you can sign up for / free of charge / and attend whenever you like for a refresher in portions, foods, whatever. Afterwards everyone who attends he or the nurse practioner talk to individually to be sure you are doing ok and don’t have any individual/private questions. If you don’t get what info you need, he will set up something at the local hospital - also free of charge - with their dietician or support groups. He is awesome. (I can’t wait until he sees the scale!)