Medical alert braclets

Do You wear a medic alert bracelet for diabetes or a tat? Does anyone know of a good place to get a bracelet?

I have a Medic Alert medallion that I had a jeweler put on a bracelet that I really like. The stainless steel bracelet that comes from Medic Alert didn’t grab me. :slight_smile:

IMO, the Medic Alert program doesn’t cost that much and I can keep my information updated very easily. EMTs are trained to look for a bracelet or necklace so I’m confident that they’d see it.

I’m eager to hear from people who have tattoos. Where are they and what do they say?

I am thinking of getting a tat one day - working on the design (probably on inside of wrist) - but for now - because of having lost Medical Alert bracelets a few times (I do sports, have had a few ripped off my wrist) - and they aren’t cheap - I am now using ones that are aimed at kids … like me. It’s called Rescue Me ID’s - come in different colours (I have one in purple, red, turquoise). Even have a key pull tab for my back pack.

Here is a pic of one of the members, Christina’s tats she had done - You can find a few more if you go to Show Your Ink here a Tudiabetes. Some good links there advising you about the pros/cons of getting a tat (I have one already).

Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

i have a basic one that I use when working out or traveling. Otherwise, I don’t wear one on a regular basis. I did when I was first diagnosed.

I have several different types/colors medical ID’s that I bought off of Ebay that I like. You can find a variety of different types there.:slight_smile:

I have a collection of rubber Livestrong type bracelets that say “Diabetic” that are pretty cool to wear. They’re from

I don’t wear either, but I do have diabetes-alert cellphone wallpaper. I’m considering getting a RoadID for when I’m out cycling, but I’m wavering between the basic (contact persons and phone #s on the front) or the “interactive” (call a number, provide security code on back of ID tab, get access to wearer-updatable EMR).

I have a sports one (black rip-stop material) from Medic Alert. I’ve worn it since I was diagnosed (10+ yrs) and nobody other a couple of EMT’s and firemen know what it is. I’ve tried the fancy ones but I keep catching them on everything so these seem to work and when they get real dirty I either toss them or toss them in the wash ! My CDE’s and endo really like this one and are now recommending it to their other patients


I have a water resistant watch that has the medic alert on the watch face and has diabetes and PCN inscribed on th eback of the watch. I usually only wear it on vacation. I have the ICE app on my iphone. I found th ewatch online serching med ids.

I have three bracelets…it’s hard to keep current information on them. I got my first one from Medic Alert…and since then have had two others from different sources. I’d be interested to know new places to get them, also.

**** My question always is, do the medics and ER staff really look at them…and check them out? Or just start working on you…and hope that they find it.

I have a medic alert bracelet that you open & it has a lonnnnng paper inside with my information.

Yes, medics do look at for it. Medics come in pairs. When I call they come in and one starts taking vitals and the other grabs my right arm and raises it, to look for a bracelet.

I buy mine there , you can have up to 5 lines engraved on the tag. They have 100’s of designs for men and women from plain to fancy. They have medalions and tags for purses and briefcases too.

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I like the Lauren’s Hope bracelets and did consider buying one.
The beaded ones are gorgeous.
I am hard on watch bands and need medal ones. I have a watch
with a band that is beads and I keep breaking it.

I brought the SOS bracelet as it matched my watch.
I had to have it cut down & the clasp is difficult to open.
But I do like it.

This one is similar to what I have.

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I wear a Medical Alert bracelet every day. It’s amazing to me how many people trained in the medical fields recognize it immediately. They are trained to recognize and look for it. Mine states that I am a Type 1 and the word JOSLIN, for Joslin Clinic here in Boston.
I have to say I was shy about wearing one at first, but it had a life changing effect when I was hit head on two years ago. The team of fire fighters, and Medics that pulled me from the car, saw the alert and looked further into my medical history and care. It made all the different, because being alone in the car and having suffered a serious head injury, I was unable to advocate for myself.
I also had a jeweler order two charms- one in silver and one in gold and had them attached to bracelets I already owned.
Good luck- it does take some getting used to- but it saved my life!

I now have so many medical problems I need a USB data device.

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Hi Roxanne,
I do as well, that is why I listed JOSLIN on mine- anyone in MA knows it’s a major center for diabetic care- it is there they will get the rest of my medical history.
You can also do an ID bracelet, putting more information on the back. Keep in mind, if a medical emergency happens, EMT’s and other emergency personnel are not shy about going into your purse or glove box.
They are used to and trained on gathering medical history.
Life throws lemons, you can only do the best you can do. I bought two charms, that didn’t bother me, and weren’t huge. The one concession I made was getting them both in red enamel to draw attention to them for medical responders. They are available in just silver. I’ve also seen some women, make a real jewelry bling statement with an medical alert. Keep in mind that stainless steel, holds the engraving, silver and gold need to be re-engraved every couple of years.
I also purchased TYPE 1 DIABETIC tags for my key chain and back pack. Because if I’m out there, and go down, I want everyone to know why! Better they pick me up and brush me off, than step around me:~)
Good luck!

I, too, would recommend Lauren’s Hope! Many options and affordable! :smile: Also, it didn’t take long for them to mail it to me which was a bonus.

I contemplated getting a medical alert type of tattoo for years. My 10 year diagnosed anniversary was last year and that’s when I decided this was the perfect time to actually proceed with it. I got mine done almost 6 months ago, next week, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I used to wear medical alert bracelts when I was first diagnosed but I’m allergic to so many different types of metals, that they bracelets would just irritate my skin and I would get rid of them. I don’t think I had a bracelet on for more than a couple days at a time… so wasting my money on cute ones was not something I wanted to do anymore.

I worked in the ED and all of the clinical staff loved my tattoo, thought it was in a great spot (it’s on the inside of my forearm, I have pictures if anyone is interested in seeing it! :} ) and agreed that it was a good idea.

It’s nice knowing that no matter where I am, people will know that I am a diabetic and to take proper measures!

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I wear a simple, no fuss no worry stainless steel one that I got on Amazon. It’s been holding together very well and is very subtle which is just what I want. It is getting a bit scruffy though -couple scratches nothing too dramatic- so I’m thinking of getting a white gold one on my 10th diaversary. Moulded from scratch at a jeweler’s .

I hike and “adventure” quite a bit, so I try to keep one on me at least when I am out. I’ve gotten a few on Etsy (very nice, unique, pretty and cheaper than some other Medical ID sites) but I recently ordered a dinosaur one: