ID Tags

Guess I am a bit slow on this stuff, but I am wondering what people think about these ID Tags. Should I really get one? And do people that have them wear them like all the time? Any thoughts or insights would be really helpful and thanks!

Re: Medic Alert ID tags - I’ve had 2 but both have broken at the clasps and/or links. And it’s a pain to put on and off, for me at least. I don’t wear anything at the moment, but am thinking of getting a tattoo now…

I wear one 90% of the time. regular everday accidents happen all the time and paramedics should know that you’re a diabetic and heaven forbid a Diabetic emergency where you pass out somewhere it’ll be a clue to paramedics what to check for

here is a discussion with many links about medic alert tags

I agree, Mark. Too much fuss putting on and taking off. I’ve been diabetic for 21 years and I’ve never wore an ID regularly. I have several different kinds of bracelets and none of them have fit right. I’m not one to wear jewelery anyway so I, too, have decided that I am going to get a tattoo. I am working on a drawing of what I want, and once I find the right artist to do it, I am going to have it inked on my wrist.

not a tramp stamp? :wink:

I ordered a regular stainless steel ID bracelet from and had it engraved. Total cost for all of it was $40. I wear it all the time, unless I’m working in the yard. This is my 4th bracelet, others have worn out, chain style mostly. I’m hoping this one is a little more durable.

I had insulin diabetic engraved on the front, and my name and phone # on the back. I actually feel strange without it on.

Oh, you’re so funny…

I stopped wearing a medic alert braclet in the mid-90s. They break so frequently it was not worth the cost (and I am hypo-aware).

However, I do wear a Road ID when exercising – I’m more concerned about getting hit by a car than going low.

I like the tattoo idea and the ICE number – however, my BBerry is always locked in my pocket so I added my condition on my lockout screen along with phone numbers (kind of like my tech ID badge).

I simply went to Amazon and got one for less than $10. I wear it all the time, because if something happens I don’t think it would be wise to give me an IV full of glucose which is what usually happens in ER.

I’ve been a diabetic for 30 years.Buy a good Stainless Steal one. I’m surprised at these answers, take on and off? Why on earth would you take it off? The one I’m wearing now has been on my wrist 24/7/365 for at least 11 years. I can’t remember the last time I took it off. Shower = fine, sleep = fine, clothing = fine…
honestly, whey wouldn’t you wear one? They are fairly small, I’ve only had a few people notice it and if it’s SS you don’t need to every take it off. My pump is noticed way more than my bracelet, although most people think it’s a pager.
Oh, and I am a scientist, so it’s been around caustic chemicals with no problems.

i have … nothing. i used to have a card in my wallet but i refuse to wear an ID bracelet or chain. i disclose my D to no one and if i get in trouble, they’ll figure it out soon enough … even if they don’t have a clue what a pump is.
also … working in the white house i will not wear any metal if i can help it. i hate getting snagged by the magnetometers.
finally … i’ve been T1 for 50 years and have never had a truly dicey moment; no seizures, never incapacitated by high or low. so the odds seem pretty good. but please, don’t tell my mother. she’s been after me for decades to get an ID.

Interesting, I fly a lot. I’ve never had my bracelet set off a metal detector or raise an eyebrow from a TSA person. I work at a national lab (pnnl), so do have to deal with security measures sometimes, never had a problem, there, either - but it’s not like the White House security. I also don’t care who knows I’m a diabetic, though.

I used to have a necklace but it always caught on my bra. Now I have a stretch band bracelet and don’t even notice it’s on. It has ‘Type 1 Diabetic’ and lists my allergies.

TS…I’m with you. I use a medicalert SS necklace that I shortened so that it will not slip over my head. I’ve gone through four medalions and five necklace chains in 39 years. I squeeze the chain loop tight every once In a while to make sure it stays on.

I started wearing it when I was body surfing and lost a few emblems.

I’ve worn it in temps from -10-125 degrees, in fresh water, salt water, mineral water, dirt, mud, sand, OR under the knife, MRI and an ambulance. I go no where w/o it. It is my little independance medal

Frankly, I see no reason to not to have one on 24/7, for yourself, your friends & family, and for those who may bare the responsibility of helping you when, god forbid, cannot help yourself!

Well said!

I wear dog tags all the time when i’m not sleeping. never know when something might happen even though all my friends and family know Im Diabetic they are not always around to help out when needed. so my tags talk for me when I cant…!


I bought the MedicAlert Watch by Citizen. It’s Stainless Steel, and Solar Powered, Water Resist to 50 meters. It costs much more than the bracelet though. But then again, I think it looks better and is functional. I wear it all of the time:

Get a medical alert tattoo.
That way you can design it and it won’t get lost.