Medical Alert

I found it. The clear plastic container with medical information to help alert paramedics is called the vial of life. They have a web site: and if you check out the site you will find it is free. I think this information would would be a great addition to our tags and bracelets.

Are you really doing that this week?? Keep me updated!!!

Sorry, it’s been put on hold due to elevated A1C. I want to get back below 8 for heeling puposes before I go do something crazy! I’ll let you know how it goes, I’ll hold your hand if you need it while you get one too! lol

Unfortunately, no. I have not used a medic alert for a long time. I agree this may not be the smartest idea but ever since I got the pump I just don’t seem to want more things hanging off of me, and that includes medic alert. I am very open about my diabetes and let people know often. I was once with some friends at dinner out of town, had a low. They called the ambulance. I remembered telling them I didn’t need to go with them to the hospital, just needed time and soda. I was taken to the hopital and monitored for an hour or so. They never even checked a BS. When I got back to the hotel we were staying at I was still low. Seems there is poor information everywhere about this disease.

i hear the being the one who knows the most about how my body works. I was in the hospital for ketoacidoses and they were still trying to “find” my stomach problems and kept giving me meds for cutting the acid in my stomach, the problem was they weren’t letting me eat cus i was nausous (sp) so the meds where just sitting there foaming making the problem worse. I finally told them i wasn’t taking the meds anymore and if they would just let me eat i would be fine. they finally listened and I haven’t had to take any anti acids since I came home a month and a half ago. Sometimes they really need to listen to us, come on we live in these bodies. don’t they they think we know them?

I wear a medic alert braclet. I have a T1 friend who has a medic alert tattoo on his left arm and wrist area that says he’s diabetic. I’ve heard too many horror stories from folks to go without a medic alert bracelet.

Paramedics/emergency responders are trained to check your arm and neck area for medic alerts.

That is a good idea for a tatoo! I want to get a DNA strand around my arm of the gene for insulin with the ends of the strand like a broken guitar string. That would be cool!!