Medical ID

I lost my Tag “mewooo…mewooo” am lost!! Don’t you think some times we are like animals with the Tags!!

Am shopping for a new Medical ID, it is been a while since I did? Show me what you got and any pros/cons if you want to?

Thanks for the help

I’m leaning towards a diabetes tattoo, but I haven’t decided on the location or the design or the artist.

Am not into tattoos, thanks for the idea though. However, here is a good location to have a tattoo! :wink:

I have a ton of links on my computer at home (im at work now) if I remember, Ill post them. If not, you can always google something like “sport bracelet medical alert” or whatever style you are looking for…

Thanks Sarah, I know there is thousands of those, thats why I asked, do you like anyone in particular?

I have a “sports band”… I got it when I was 11, the company 50/50 made it. Not sure if they are around anymore. Like I said, Ill post some links later

Ahmad, I strongly disagree. One’s forehead is NOT a good location for a tattoo. Having reconsidered, I’m leaning towards a temporary diabetic alert tattoo, one lasting about 3-5 days, to wear on my wrist when traveling. However, T.H.O.R. Foundation for Children with Diabetes doesn’t seem to sell their temporary diabetic tattoo anymore and I didn’t see a link for any other suppliers.

lol, common can’t you take a jock!!! I was kidding :wink:
I made that picture after seeing a video for a diabetic being tested for a shock, here is the movie

Check what Linzie has here

well, i had posted a discussion about medical ID’s you can look for. haha, i forgot what i called it but its on my page.

i wear Dog tags i bought at you can put whatever you want on them.

i put 1.My name
2. my birthday
3. bloodtype
4. religion
5. diabetes insulin

I bought mine from Sticky Jewelry. This is what I got, it’s a bracelet. Their website is and they have the dog tag type also.

Thanks for the link. I like Linzie’s tattoo, but a potential allergic reaction to tattoo ink is one of the most common risks of tattooing. While allergic reactions are rare, they do happen, and I’m not willing to take that risk. And I understand that in most cases, allergic reactions don’t happen until years after getting the tattoo.

Ahmad, Are you serious? I indeed thought the word “Diabetes” written across your forehead in the above picture is a real permanent tattoo. Not. Can’t you take a joke? I was kidding.