Medical ID Bracelet

Hey there!

I’m looking into getting a medical ID bracelet. Is there anything that you guys suggest that I should put on my ID? Such as: Name, Type 1 Diabetes, Meds, Phone number to call, etc?

I wanted to get one for my birthday… but that’s already passed, and I don’t want to wait much longer and go without having some kind of alert charm on me.
Trying not to go for the “whoah you have a problem - at all times” bracelet, but one that says “somethings wrong with her now, and check it out, she has a medical id bracelet on.”

Any suggestions?

Thanks for listening!


Look into Lauren’s Hope - they’re expensive, but so pretty :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks! Very pretty stuff.

Lyndsey, idea of wearing medical ID jewelry is to provide means of communicating your medical condition to the doctors or emergency personal in the case if you will be not able to do so yourself. You can look at it also as extra insurance. We not planning for accidents but they happened. So, if you have diabetes and take regular medication you want to tell this to the medical team. Also, extremely important is to list existing allergies on Medical Id Bracelet or Necklace. This will prevent treatment which makes condition worse. If you still looking for a Medical Id bracelet or Dog Tag you may visit idtagsonline store. They offer reasonable price and nice shapes. A few options can be proposed for the comfort. If you prefer to remove bracelet in the end of the day Lobster Clasp Lock.
If you want to wear it 24/7 than Sister Hook lock. It designed such a way that it can not be open by accident, but to open and close sister hook clasp you would need assistance of the other person.
I hope this will answer your question.

I’ve had a Medicalert dog tag for many years. Thankfully I haven’t needed it. But I was surprised when one of the trainers at my gym, fresh from first aid training, had no idea what I was talking about!

I think you’re smart getting a bracelet as opposed to a dog tag. That’s immediately visible with a medical symbol embossed on the face. That way an emergency responder or someone giving first aid will almost certainly see it. I’m not sure how likely it is that they’ll proactively look for a dog tag.

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I’ve worn medic alerts since I was a child, and there was a period when I wore the dog tag.

I found out first hand that EMT’s / Doc’s don’t check for dog tags when people go hypo and start convulsing (I was 18 at the time in 2nd year university and nobody had any clue I was diabetic).

I got rid of the dog tag immediately