Any different id bracelet or necklace ideas?

I want a new id and was wanting ideas? What do you have? I’m a 19 year old with type 1 and am on the pump. I currently wear a gray silicone bracelet that has a medical symbol on and says Type 1 Diabetic. I was looking at this for something different The reason I was thinking of a necklace was cause I always wear a watch and I’m kinda tired of always having two things on my wrist and also would just like a change. I am a pianist who wears a wrist support while practicing and sleeping to I cant just have one thing on each wrist. Any ideas of any type of id are very welcome!!

I got THIS metal guitar pick tag through Lauren’s hope. I got a metal chain. When it broke, I bought a cheap, stainless steel claspless one online for like $2.99 and took it to a jewelry store to have it mounted sturdily on the chain.

It is also functional. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) used metal guitar picks!!

Cool :slight_smile: Thanks for the idea. Also not trying to be picky and if its something I REALLY like I’m willing to spend more then the cheapest option out there but I’m looking to stay relatively inexpensive. Or maybe this?

I made some out of beads. They say, “…DIABETES…INSULIN…” in white letter beads with colored beads in-between. They’re just simple, fun colors that go with different moods and outfits.

However, they don’t have the phone-in advantages of the alert bracelets that are registered.

I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist…

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My only concern is that I want it to be obvious that its a medical id. I sometimes wonder if the one I have is obvious enough. But yours sounds pretty :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve heard lots of people do that but a tattoo isnt really for me :slight_smile:

That’s an excellent concern. Of course I have a pack full of test strips, meter, insulin, pen-tips, etc. but my fear is that someone might mug me when I’m “down” in public. This almost happened to me once when I tripped and fell – I was instantly “prey” to some on the street, but a couple of guys intervened and helped me, thank goodness.

A tattoo can’t be stolen, but I hate to be “marked” – I’m holding out for a cure!!! ;0)

I just bought a little band that attaches to a watch for my son. It’s a thin metal band that clamps around your regular watch band. It’s fairly unobtrusive and doesn’t add yet one more thing to wear. I found it at

Thanks for the idea and link! I had seen these longer ago and forgot about them. Do you think it would fit the Timex sport watch I wear?

Atleast thing worked out :slight_smile: Yeah I’m with you on the tattoo thing but each to himself I guess :slight_smile:

My son wears a Timex Ironman men’s watch and it fits his watch. I would think it would fit a slimmer style woman’s sport watch even better. They’re inexpensive, so I wouldn’t hesitate giving it a try to see if it works for you. I hope you find a good solution - good luck!

Ok thanks!! I’m leaning towards trying a necklace so I still have it on for time when I take my watch off.

I went with my first idea for the Diabetic Insulin Pump necklace for something different. I think I’ll like not wearing a bracelet and watch all the time :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it, the necklace is sort of handy to clip the pump to when I don’t want it clipped to my pants for some reason. I’ve also clipped it on there a couple of times when I was running outside in the winter and it seemed to be getting cold on my belt?

I got a dog tag from a machine at walmart. You can put up to four lines. I put MEDICAL ALERT on the first line. DIABETIC on the second line. Emer. # on the third. My wife’s cell # on the fourth line. They are five dollars.

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Thanks for mentioning that stuff and giving me the idea! I think it might come in handy for that :slight_smile:

Thats cool!! I already ordered one that says Diabetic Insulin Pump on but if I like the necklace idea and want to get a more customized one I’ll remember that cause its definatly cheaper then a customized med id!

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