Medical ID Info

OK, one last thing. I have had a RX site I created for myself. I used to have dog-tags with the URL on them and other medical info. (This post is for the geeks out there.)

Before I ordered my TAC Drive I asked if they could put a QR code on it (again for geeks but look it up on Google). They did, so now the medical teams can scan the back of my TAC Drive and get the info below on the web. This is my complete medical info. (I have greyed out the details to protect the innocent.)

And sorry but I won’t provide the link because I know then I would be overrun with fan calls. B-}

Just a suggestion for other coders out there.

This is neat. So Tac drive agreed to engrave the QR code on the back of your drive? or is is just placed within the data pages on the drive? Wondering how much it costs to create a code? (like per page) I’ll keep googling. Thanks for this info!

Mine says type 1 diabetes and allergic to penicillin. I think it needs updating, as my dad is still next of kin. I agree with Rye if you collapse and you are a diabetic medics should do the appropriate tests.

Condition - and whether you are type 1 or type 2 and whether on insulin or not
Emergency contact No - and if you are a member of an organisation such as MedicalAlert, your membership number
And if you carry a card, or have your prescription to hand, where to find it. So, to cut a lot of information down, mine would look like this:-

******* (name)
Diabetes Type 1, Pork Insulin
Allergy, Wasps, bees, pls see card in wallet
NoK memb no. ************** (Next of Kin is internationally known organisation that can be contacted for complete medical details.)

Actually my sister made me a very nice dog tag with the international medical symbol on one side and info on the other in silver. Far prettier than the ugly things that companies supply. More room too. Could give you info if you wish.

Being 23 and newly diagnosed, I opted for a cute heart necklace: Jackie / sulfa allergy/ diabetes/ type 1- only problem is that it has very little room haha
I got it when my regimen of MDIs and pump were still in flux. I need a new, larger one soon for when I move to a new city with fewer people around who know about my diabetes. I also need a larger bracelet because I’ve started training for a half marathon and I think that my runs are my biggest risk. I also plan on getting a DM tattoo, but I don’t know how much it will “alert” medics haha

Mine has my first name on the front in pretty letters(: On the back it has Type 1 diabetic and 2 emergency phone numbers. I think it also says insulin, but I cant remember. I know, your probably thinkning, “why dont you just look at it?” Last week my bracelet clasp thingy broke and its getting fixed right now. Mine is titanium silver and it STILL BROKE!!! It kind of made me mad, but it made my grandma madder, considering she paid over $200 to customize and order it and all that stuff. Haha! Stuff like that happens(: My cousin has a med alert tattoo on his wrist. Its pretty cool. I think I might do that when I’m a little bit older. It would be kind of weird (and maybe illegal) to walk around a middle school with a tattoo(: lol!

I was the first one they tried, other than the owner, so I don’t know if they do it regularly or not. It is on the back of the id under the contact and other info. Fits quite nicely believe it or not. They set it up for me I just sent them the URL for my page. There are about a million places you can create your own QR codes but a simple one is at

Full Name
Type 1 Diabetic

Meds: Insulin
and my emergency contact’s phone number

I put “see wallet card” because it’s highly unlikely I’m out and about without my wallet- and the details I keep on the card in my wallet can be changed to reflect changes in my meds while my engraved med alert tag can’t. My wallet card includes my Dr. My blood type and alergies.

on the showing side: NAME
on the side facing my wrist: Type 1 diabetes Insulin Dependent

When I get another (which will probably not be until I finish school, get a job, and have actual money) I will probably go for stainless again, but I’ll include my blood type: A Neg