Medical ID Info

I need to order a new medical ID bracelet and wondered what information most put on theirs. I am on an insulin pump and CGM. What do you have on yours?

Mine just says “Diabetes. Insulin Pump. Allergic to Penicillin”. Medic-alert actually wrote it out once I submitted the kind of information that should be on there. (I didn’t have a CGM at the time, nor do I think it would be necessary to put on there, and “Insulin Pump” implies Type 1. (Before I had a pump, my bracelet said “insulin dependent.”

Mine has my first name on it as well as my insulins.

I also decided to have “T1 Diabetes” engraved instead of just “Diabetes” since shortly before I purchased it, I got reminded that you can give a type 1 D a Glucagon injection while you should not do that with a type 2.

Since I, as a T1, am at a higher risk of going very low than a T2 anyway and some T2s take insulin and the “T1” fit on the medical alert, I felt safer having it there. But that’s a personal preference.

If you are allergic to medication (or foods), this is something that should be mentioned. That’s actually more important than which insulins you take - although there should be something on it that indicated THAT you need insulin. In your case, e.g. “insulin pump”.

Mine says “insulin using diabetes type 1” and “Contact …”, first name and phone # of my daughter.

MIne says "Diabetic. Insulin pump. Hypertension. Allergic to Sulfa."
Didn’t say anything about CGM, would not think that is to necessary.

Good idea Anne. Next time I’ll have them put T1 on there… can’t hurt any!

I just wonder what the “Membership” in Medic Alert is all about. There’s a toll-free number on the bracelet to call to get more information (emergency contacts, etc), but if I don’t keep paying member dues, does that mean if someone calls, they don’t get that info? (I know… that’s a different topic)

Mine is 2 sided. One says first last name, diabetic, insulin pump, see wallet card. The other says Novolog insulin, minimed paradign 522. I need to update it since I went to the Revel.

I keep a little pack of info in my wallet. It includes all the meds I tke, my last A1C, my travel letter from my doctor and a disk with my physical test results on it. The card also includes all the contact info for my family.

I just got a new road id for running. It has 6 lines, so mine says:

Type 1 Diabetic
Insulin (via pump)
Husband’s name and phone number

My Medic-Alert bracelet says:

Diabetes Type 1
Insulin Pump
Bl. Type A Pos.

Plus their toll-free phone no. and my ID no.

I just ordered one recently and forgot to put info about my pump on it? Duh. Now I’m worried that if something happens and they don’t call my husband with the number listed, something could get royally messed up. Should I order a new one?

On my bracelet I just have T1 diabetic. I do not have a pump but I would assume they would be able to notice if there is something attached to you. I feel it was important to me to always wear a bracelet because I am T1 taking shots so there is no way to tell just by looking at me. I also have ICE numbers in my phone with people who are updated with my medical history…Truth be told once they know you are a diabetic they should be able to check your sugar and determine what to do from there…

This is what i did instead. I got a tattoo.

That ain’t happenin’.

front: 1st and last name back: Type 1 diabetic/insulin dependent

I am 55 years old with grandchildren. I am NOT the “type” of person that would ever get a tattoo. But I am in the process of designing one for my R wrist. I cannot keep the bracelet on without snagging, losing, breaking multiple clasps, etc. I have had T1 for 48 years. I am a nurse and a CDE. (which makes no difference–I’m just a klutz with jewelry). I would like to see what other people think about medical tattoos. The whole problem is: do the first responders look for a bracelet/tattoo/etc? I’m really not sure about this, as I’ve never worked in emergency medicine. I’ve always had good intentions to get my act together with the ID bracelet (and wore one faithfully as a kid) but I continue to break clasp after clasp…ugh.(If I’m off topic, I apologize. I haven’t been active in forums.)

Why shouldn’t a Type 2 be given glucagon?

I use the stainless steel bracelets and they have never broken or had a problem. You might try one of those. I have a gold one but that is not as durable.

I have a keychain, too. But I wear it attached to my jeans. It’s a locked with information on a paper strip in it.

The reason I got a necklace is that it’s more international and has the most important engraved in short.

Never ever would I get any tattoo! I don’t like tattoos, and you can’t take it off. Not can you change anything if it becomes necessary. If it’s a significant change, you just get a new bracelet/necklace/keychain. I also don’t want my condition on my skin forever…

First, I highly recommend a Tac Drive instead of the many others out there. Cheaper than most and has much more info.

On the back of mine I have, Name, Type 1 Diabetes, Wife, her phone #, GP name and number and finally Endo’s name and number. On the inside all conditions, medicines taken, allergies, blood type, and on-and-on. These are neat and I wrote an article about them a year or so ago if you want to read it.

Can you tell I think highly of them?

Ron, this looks like a great option! Thanks! I had not seen these before and I am ordering one tomorrow. I will also spread the word among my patients as another option for those who like tech-savvy stuff. Very cool. I also hadn’t considered key fobs but I always have my keys with me, duh. My police officer son said to make sure to have your critical medical info (on a card or something) in your glove compartment–another place where first responders look for info. Thanks everyone for responding…