Do you have some kind of energency identification that says youre a betic?

so ive heard some people have tattoos. ive been thinking of getting one, but didnt really know what to get. hearing that idea, i think ima do that.

at the moment i wear Dog Tags. they list: 1. my name
2. birthdate
3. blood type
4. religion

heres a picture.

so im curious as to know what others use, if anythingm and hope that those that dont use any form of ID get an idea for one. if you like my dog tags you can create your own here on this site:

I wear a bracelet & have an ID card taped to my wallet saying “I’ve got diabetes, in case of emergency, blah, blah, blah.”

The dog tags look like a good idea, except I’d prefer to not have anything military looking.

I generally don’t like wearing jewelery so I have a little card in my wallet but I don’t know how much use that is as I don’t always have my wallet with me! I had a bracelet about 30 years ago but I lost it. I’ve looked at a few things over the years and I once bought a pendant thing with a paper sheet inside but it was just too heavy.

I’ve also thought about getting a real “dog” tag engraved at a hardware store but they seem too small to put much more than a dogs name and telephone number on.

I wear an ID bracelet that says:
My name
Diabetes- Insulin

On the back:
Glucagon injection in bag
Call 911 or (husband’s phone number)

I have it in both English and Hungarian (since i live in Hungary)

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I wear a Medic Alert ID necklace, carry a card and have “Type I diabetic - uses insulin” scrolling across the screen of my phone. I also have a braclet i wear when i run that has my identifying info on it and a statement, “If found face down, call 911.” I haven’t had to use that yet, but it makes me feel secure when i exercise.

I have a medical ID bracelet but I need to fix it so I can wear it again. lol

I don’t trust emergency personal to know what an insulin pump is. There are to many other pumps out there so more than likely they will have no clue, it could be a pain pump, a chemo pump or a tens unit. I also have a good friend who is a paramedic and he said he would have no clue what it is if I hadn’t have told him, he would have thought it was a cell phone in a case on my pants. I wear an id bracelet stating i am diabetic on an insulin pump. I refuse to trust anyone else with the task of figuring out if I am diabetic or not by solely relying on my insulin pump to let them know.

I’ve worn an ID Bracelet with a raised medic alert symbol for 50 years. (not the same one ;^) A few years back I had the word “Diabetic” engraved on it. In January, when I started using a pump, I added a stainless steel necklace. It has the medic alert symbol on one side and “diabetic & insulin pump” on the other. A veteran pumper suggested it as a place to hang my pump when changing clothes.

I wear a Medic Alert braclet and keep a I.D. card in my wallet as well with all my info. on it. My cell phone has I.C.E. Number (in case of emergency) to call my husband, plus I have told all my family and friends who to call and what to do. I LOVE your tags…I would like to have that if I could get it in gold.

I have a medical bracelet on both wrists, and a card in my wallet. I like your dog tags, Arturo.

Well, I do have my pump attached to me…but I’ve been planning on getting a tattoo across my back of an insulin molecule (not sure if I will include the c-peptide portion yet). That should also be a big hint.

the I.C.E. number is such a good idea. i’m friends with a lot of people who run on ambulances and they say they check for that all the time

I LOVE your name…My eldest daughter is named Amanda!

I wear a medical ID bracelet. On the front it’s go my name and the phrase “Diabetes on Insulin”. The back has contact names and numbers for my spouse and my doctors.

I like the dog tag idea . . .


i got the guitar pick med alert symbol from laurenshope, it says my name and “type 1 diabetic.” My work badge has a card that says “in case of emergency give…”(give me a twix >< not OJ). And my wallet has card insert with two sticker flames and words type 1 and diabetic, that i wrote, in a pink wallet!(and i have a pink purse and a pink log book!)

I have a folded paper in my wallet, car, diabetic case, and wife’s purse.
This paper contains:
a list of all medication we both take
Pharmacy address and number
Eye Doctor name, address, and phone number
Family Doctor name, address and phone number
Phone numbers of family and children
a portrait picture of us both and red letters above and below saying SID IS TYPE 1 DIABETIC
If there is ever a time that you are in big trouble and unconcious, this paper will speak for you.
Use a wordprocessor and update as needed.
When I get my pump next month, I will list all related items too.
All our friends thought my “paper” was a great idea.
Hope this help

well, the site i recommended has an option for brass tags. they even come with a brass chain and look as if they were made from gold.

sorry, i just checked the site and they do have gold tags.

thanks, i wanted to join the Army, but got rejected. i didnt carry any form of ID at the time, so when i found the site, i mad my own and it gave me a sense of almost being in the military. i knowit sounds kind of lame or whatever, but i really, really, really wnated to join. haha

I wore one from around age 10-13, then stopped. And have now been wearing once since I was about 21 (i’m now 25). I make different bracelets to hook my emblem onto so it never gets boring, to me it’s just a pretty bracelet. It’s a bracelet of shells right now, here’s a pic…