Ideas for a Medical Alert Tattoo- What do you have?

So I was planning on getting a medical-related tattoo for the last 6 years before my DM diagnosis. I love medicine to the point that I couldn’t work in any other field, hence a tattoo ;). A few months after my Type 1 diagnosis, I want to shape this tattoo into an alert, but I still want to make it my own… Medicine as a career and something that now defines my day-to-day life.

As a teenager I wanted the Caduceus, not knowing that it really is a commercial symbol, not the true Greek origin for medicine.

Obviously the rod/staff of Ascelpius would help EMTs/ healthcare professionals identify the med alert best. But for some reason, I just don’t like it by itself or into the hexagon thing (I have no idea what that is called).

The new international symbol: blue hollow circle could also alert someone. Do you guys think the new symbol is universal enough yet?

I would put Type 1 Diabetes around whatever symbol I choose…

What do you have?

Women: What do you have? Feminine enough?

If you haven’t already noticed, I spend a lot of time/thought on my tattoos!

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I have a full page of tattoo ideas that other people are using at if you want to check it out. My tattoo is an awareness tattoo so it won’t help. Sorry.

Actually, I am going today to get my new Diabetic ID tattoo and I think it is just perfect for me. I took a couple of different of ideas from what I have seen here and searching on the net and put them together. I will post a picture when I get home. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to that jewelry! And thanks for the input!

These are amazing. Thanks for the link!

Please do! and yay to your tattoo today!

I am getting mine on sat, and to start off with i am just getting it in so curvy lettering, saying Type 1 Diabetic, Simple for now and yet i can build on it if i want to later on, I did pick a more curvy font to make it look a little more feminine, Just make sure you love it before you get it, I had my artist put the stencil on my wrist for a few days to see if its what i really wanted, and if i needed to make any changes! Good Luck! Hope you find what you love! ~Abby~

Sorry it took me so long to reply. Tomorrow will be a full week since I got my ink done. The picture I think I took it on the second day. It healed really well and fast too. All I did was use Aquaphor (sp?) And I did cover it a couple of days with the non stick pads only because I didnt want stuff getting on it at work. I love it and get such positive comments on it. Even one of my clients asked me about it because she has a 14 yr old who is type one and having a tattoo would be so convenient for her (she is also a swimmer) I know here the age for tattoo is 16 with parent consent but considering the circumstance I wonder if they’d make an exception…


Ahhh I love it!!!

that’s what I leaning towards

I have one on my left wrist (being left handed I wear my watch on my right side). I have the same symbol as the one on the medic alert bracelet with Diabetic over the top and Type 1 underneath. I will try to post a pic. I have other tats also, the only time any one has asked was when I got my ankles tattooed.

Thanks! Please post when you can.

Just got mine done yesterday!!

I love this one too!! This is exactly what I meant for a feminine, ID, but also personal! Thanks for the post

Barb thanks for this link! I’m an educator (non diabetic), but have tatoo’s and often talk to my patients about the option (I know, not typical of a health care provider actually talking about getting a medical tatoo, but I do!). I’m going to have a link of this site to share with any of the folks I work with who have an interst!

Dustin, what’s the Latin translation? I’m curious…

I have one on my ribs, it is my display picture, if you want to see it. I plan on having wings added to it so that it more resembles the medic alert symbol. I had 2005 put on because it was the year I was diagnosed, and the blank spot across from it I plan to put the year that diabetes is cured.

It means “I struggle and emerge” :slight_smile: