Medical technology conference

So much has happened this year. I introduced diabetes last year and got an excellent response. However, so much as happened this year. The world has gone topsy turvy. What do you think is the most important stuff to summarize this year?

I get a lot of diabetics in the audience, but also non-diabetics, so it can be challenging to speak to a diverse audience of doctors, software developers, startups, medical device manufacturers and diabetics. What would you want people to know? Would you like people to work or development in a certain area? Are there any particular problems that you would like addressed?

I know what interests me, but I should get input from the wider community. You always have good perspective about what is most important to our well being.

Maybe as a bullet point some of the challenges surrounding insulin from a supply-side versus a consumer-side.

*pricing via pbm & kickbacks
*direct pricing to consumers
*the pr ploy Lilly is using with it’s “generic” insulin when it averages <$100 vial elsewhere in the world
*the Open Source/Kickstarter insulin under development at Counter Culture labs in Oakland, CA
*patient access to insulin and the barriers that exist
*Insurance games regarding plan pricing - for those not on medicare, picking a metal level and plan with an Rx Formulary that won’t bankrupt the consumer, plus formulary changes during plan year that impact consumers choice & availability of insulin

That’s all I got… You are welcome to any or all. Best of luck at your conference!!

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Interoperability is the one thing we need most. Especially as new products come into the market.


Ooooh, thanks guys. Yea, a bullet-ed list makes sense. Thats a great summary. Some of that stuff isn’t really tech related, but its soooo applicable to the field. Its impossible to leave out, I think. Someone might be able to innovate around some of those problems. You never know.

Thanks, @Rphil2, I would have forgotten about that as the fundamental problem that led to so much development. It would be stupid to present all the solutions without mentioning the original problem, itself. Thanks for the ‘big picture’ thinking, guys.
I am getting overwhelmed by details. So much has happened.

@mohe0001, there is also all the homebrew “we are not waiting” equipment as the FDA, insurers, and Healthcare providers plod along.

<Tidepool is working on a FDA approved Loop system with Omnipod.
<Loop currently has a closed loop system using 433mhz (old style) pods in deployment
<OpenAPS is working with a variety of pumps to create/deploy closed loop systems
<Commercial pump suppliers are working towards the same goals
<XDrip and Spike offer many more FDA unsanctioned options for the user

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Thanks so much, @El_Ver. I think that I will be the only presenter from the patient community. This year the conference will be MUCH bigger than lat year. I promise that I will include all of that.

I’m gonna try not to start any fights with large employers in my area. But, I’m not gonna try THAT hard, lol.


Something that would be really awesome to me and I’m sure plenty of other diabetics would be a CGM without any lag whether that comes from improved algorithms or a completely different premise like actual blood testing rather than interstitial fluid. A CGM that truly eliminates the need for finger sticks even the few and far between ones I’m currently doing with the G6 would be incredible.

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I so agree with this point. Why things can’t talk to each other is a huge frustration for me. Each piece of technology will only talk with one meter or one sensor or one phone! So frustrating because we all have different wants and needs but are tied to whatever meter, CGM, phone the company has argot work with.
And another thing (which Tandem is now doing) but being able to download new programming.

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