Diabetes Technology Society Meeting is Wed and Thursday

Here’s your reminder. I’m excited.

I’ve always wanted to attend, but I was going to go this year for sure. Was super disappointed when covid ruined it. But, this is even better because its free, now!!!



Thanks for the link @mohe0001!

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There should be a bunch of people from your home state there. I had intended to take the train out there to see them. That SANSUM DIABETES RESEARCH INSTITUTE is in Santa Barbara.

Tickets are VERY expensive usually. They are throwing us a freebie.

Should be rad.

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Good reminder. I registered when you first posted about it. I’m looking forward to it.

Your peoples are there too - peoples from your state. They have a long list of speakers. You better be real interested in diabetes and covid. I know you are. I can’t wait.

This is a virtual thing or an in person meeting. I really can’t tell

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Since covid started these are virtual, let me find you a solid link directly to it. It was a while ago and things might have moved around a bit.

I attended the covid conference, but they have other meetings since then.
Its tricky how to get to the conference, so I made a picture where to click.
Its a REALLY long 2 day affair, so if you want something specific, jump to that red section header. Diabetes Technology Society

I am surprised nobody posted anything about the infusion set conference. You have to register, but then the video pops up. I would think thats a topic of interest to a bunch of us.