I just wanted to let everyone know about For $25 a year you get a bracelet and an id number. They engrave your allergies and diagnosis on the bracelet and an 800 number and your id number. Anyone can call this 800 number give them your id number and they will have instant access to emergency contact numbers, doctor’s numbers, all of your medications, diagnosis and allergies right there over the phone. They also have a sponsorship program for those that can’t afford the program. This could save your life if anything was ever to happen. I know it has me, but for the diabetes but when i was having a severe asthma attack and couldn’t talk.


I wear a pendant with the medical alert symbol. I had “Diabetes Takes Insulin” engraved on the back. I’ve been told I need one for paramedics so they don’t just flood you with a sugar IV upon finding you.
I’ve seen the USB keys & as a gadget lover thought they were cool.
My concern is how many people are going to call the 800 number. How many people are going to go get their laptop & check your USB key. Don’t we all just call 911 & let the experts take care of it?
I can just imagine the 800 number asking me to listen as our options have changed & that my call will be answered in the order in which it was received. We are experiencing a high volume of calls, press 1 for english.