Just a thought

I just picked up my new diabetes alert bracelet. I got lucky and got a 2 for 1 special, so now my husband has one too. :) Then I got to thinking, this one is like a watch band with a two inch ID like band on the front, It opens up and has two stickers for me "This person is a diabetic, check card wallet for info" and "This person has severe allergies check wallet for info". On these cards is all the important info that a doc, EMT, or first responder will need to get me help. My youngest nephew thought that was pretty cool that Aunt Cathy has a secret code place in her bracelet. Hey, if I didn't have diabetes, I would have a cool bracelet like this, nor the be envy of ever 6 year old at our Father's Day bbq. Now that's neat!

I bought a great medical ID bracelet from laurenshope.com

They are beautiful regular jewelry pieces mostly for women and children but have some men’s too… They can get expensive but it’s an investment! I’ve been picked up by the paramedics many a time and they always recognize it an actually read it! Even when I’m conscious!

Check it out! We should all be wearing them