Medicare DEXCOM CGM coverage

Recently switched to getting Dexcom supplies from a pharmacy because Dexcom did such a dismal job at supplying. Pharmacy is so much better but only receive a 30 supply even though on Medicare.

Dexcom recently switched me to Edgepark. They sent me a 90 day supply and a transmitter with my first order.
I have used Edgepark for my Medtronic pump supplies for a few years now.
They are fine, the first Dexcom order was a little slow.

Just want to update my original post. I talked with my doctor about my issue. She had her nurse call my supplier (Solar Medical Supplies). The nurse was told that Dexcom was starting a allow 90 day shipment of CGM supplies and that on my next order I would be able to order for a 90 day supply. When I called Solar to place a new order, I was told I was eligible for a 90 day supply. I placed the order and have received it. If any of you out there are still only getting a 30 day shipment, I would advise you to call your supplier and if that doesn’t work, ask your doctor for help.


I have traditional medicare (part a and b) and my company sends 90 day supplies. ive researched this topic for a while and found a company that does 90 day orders and ships every 85 days. its a company’s choice to send 90 days vs 30 days, not medicare! these cheap companies just dont want to do it! im starting to build some extra days and the stress relief has been amazing!! how are you supposed to live worrying about a damn sensor failing and your next order doesnt come for a week or two. my new company is called wellstart medical they call me from 800-978-7599. there are others out there you just need to find them. god luck

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US Med will also send you a 90-day supply: 9 sensors and a transmitter for their Medicare folks. As I understand it, they actually bill Medicare every 30 days even though they send you a 90-day supply. However, US Med is NOT a Medicare-qualified supplier of Tandem pump supplies, should that be an issue for you. I believe that North Coast Medical out of San Diego will do this as well, but I have no personal experience with them as a supplier.

There are probably others that will do this.

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