Medicare G6 users: it pays to call when you think Dexcom should have shipped the next month's supplies

Because Medicare provides (normally) just 3 sensors every month, It is quite possible that one may run out before the next supply order shows up on the doorstep. Friday morning she called to inquire about the order and complained that she was out of sensors. To our delight, they immediately shipped out her monthly order, ahead of their rigid monthly schedule of releasing emailed order-forms for us to fill out as we have done for years with the G5.

Also, we asked our endo at last week’s visit, to send Dexcom an Rx for sensors to be worn for 8 days, which means they should send 4/month instead of 3. I was given that tip by a Dexcom employee. Hopefully it will pan out. It worked with strips–we’ll see if the quantity-increase will work for sensors too!

Will be interesting to see if supplier will send box of 3, plus box of one. I assume suppliers would typically only stock 3 per box. Dexcom sends out single units when bad sensors are reported.

Or you may end up getting 4 boxes for a 90 day supply, or maybe 2x boxes (6 sensors) once per 3 months. Will be interesting to see how it is handled.

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It will be handled by a big fat denial. The sensor is made to last 10 days. That is undisputed, a doctor can write whatever prescription he wants. Medicare is not going to pay for anything but three sensors in a 30 day period, no matter what the script states. They’ve denied coverage across the board for test strips for people on the G6 now as well.

You don’t know that, Thomas. I already heard from someone who gets 4 per month.

Dexcom has them packaged as singles as well.

My G6 supplier, Byram, sends me G6 sensors once per month. Their initial shipment to me included a transmitter and four sensors, one box of three and one loose sensor. Subsequent monthly shipments have numbered three sensors. I’m thinking they did this to recognize that there are more than 30 days in some months.

This is what happens for me with my Medtronic pump supply orders. Since my doctor orders that I change my infusion sets every two days, that means I need 45 for a 90-day supply. Medtronic chooses to round up to a full box so I actually get 50 sets (5 boxes of 10 each) for 90 days.

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My supplies now come from CCS Medical which gives me 45 sets: 3 boxes plus 15 loose sets. can u believe it? I was dumbfounded that they are doing that. I always used to get 5 boxes when ordering from Medtronic directly–with Medicare. But once I got a replacement pump thru CCS Med, I must get supplies from them. I don’t like them much.

I’ve used them for years to get my pump supplies. In my experience, they will not break protocol and follow Medicare guidelines to letter. I’m grateful they can distribute Dexcom supplies as well, eliminating Dexcom customer service from my life has been wonderful.

If Medtronic can provide 5 unopened boxes, I contend that other supplies should and can do the same. They are likely cutting corners to increase profits. At my expense (not monetary–u know what I mean)

Medtronic can afford to take the loss both monetarily and supply wise. Like I said, CCS will supply you with exactly what Medicare will pay for and nothing else. I happen to like them very much. They’re one of the few entities in my life I don’t have to give much thought to. They send out the supplies on the first day they can release them without any issue. You can always have your doc change your script to an amount where you’re getting the same amount that you receive from Medtronic.

The worst for me was Solara. I got tied to them because of my Tandem pump. Solara has a rep who works in Tandem’s HQ. No order they sent me was without issue and delay. They would open boxes of supplies to give me half orders, and just throw the loose separate syringe and needles into the box. I thought that was a classless act. They could have at least put them in a ziplock bag. CCS was amazing compared to those clowns.

WOW, not my experience at all! I have to call them to get them to send supplies. They are not at all proactive for either myself or my wife.

Make sure you get the email notification setup. They’ll send an email 10 days before Medicare will allow the shipment to be shipped. Once you authorize the order, takes all of three seconds, they’ll send it to you on the date specified by Medicare.

that would be nice if they would do that. I’ll check it out.