Medicare Dexcom patients: heads up when re-ordering monthly supplies

Just spoke with Dexcom rep. I was told to say that I have ZERO sensors left, when I respond to their email, for ordering monthly supplies; otherwise I won’t get the 5 sensors that are covered by Medicare each month. Do not say that you have one left, or any other amount, if you want the 5 you are permitted.

Just a heads up on re-ordering supplies. Beware that Dexcom will NOT send any supplies to you if they have not received doctor’s notes within a 6 month period. My last appointment was August 4, 2017 so I thought I would be OK to get supplies through end of February 2018. Not so. My appointment is for February 27 and I was cut off at Dexcom from getting supplies effective February 5th, 2018. I called Dexcom and they said that 6 months to the day is an iron clad rule that they can not deviate from or they will not get reimbursed by medicare. They did tell me to tell the doctor to send in the notes immediately after my visit so that they can once again send out supplies as soon as they get updated notes.

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