New Dexcom user - question about supplies

I’ve had the Dexcom G5 for about 3 weeks now and have not heard a thing from Dexcom since I received it. My question mainly is do they automatically send you new sensors and test strips every month or is this something I need to order?

I went to their site and clicked on ‘reorder supplies’ and got an error message saying
‘You are ineligible to order online at this time.
We’re sorry, we cannot process your order at this time. We are unable to verify your current transmitter. Please contact your Dexcom representative.’

I called them a week ago and left a message and have not heard back. I am covered by Medicare if that matters for anything.

Any insight would be appreciated.

@Baddog40 I would suggest you follow up. I have heard reports from friends that order directly from Dexcom and have to call in each month. I have also heard the opposite. Possibly other members here like @Terry4 might have better information, but I personally would be tenacious and follow up.

I am on medicare and get an email every month when it is within time frame to order new supplies. They ship FedEx and takes 3 days for supplies to arrive. You can click the link on the email and it will take you to the reorder page which asks you a few questions to confirm and certify your remaining supplies. You can call support if you think you will run out of supplies and they will confirm your availability date is for re-order. Once you have placed your re-order, if you try to re-order before your next availability date, you will get the same ineligible message you got this time. If you call Dexcom, expect a hold time of up to 1/2 hour.

You need to be really careful on doctor notes because they will quote that notes are required within a certain period, like 6 months. It is not really 6 months, but exactly 180 days and on day 181 you are cut off from getting more supplies until notes are received and processed at Dexcom.

While I’m Medicare age, I’m using up my G4 supplies before I switch to the G6 later this year when the G6 is released by Dexcom for the Medicare members. I don’t have any experience working with Dexcom Medicare orders. I think @CJ114 answered some important questions. You’ll need to be persistent in order to get your monthly orders in a timely fashion.

Thanks for the info, very helpful. I do love the G5 and I still am on my first sensor so no rush for more but I just thought it was odd they would send it out without explaining how to get more.

I’ve been using Dexcom for years, and recently I can’t get through to order new sensors. I’ve tried calling, emailing, nothing. I’ve waited on hold for over half an hour, and they don’t have an option to request a call back. This has never happened to me before. I’ll try getting through again tomorrow.

Here’s info from dexcom. Mentions G5 users will be automatically switched to G6.

Dexcom G6 Medicare

From dexcom:
We encourage customers to get started with Dexcom G5 now as they’ll be automatically upgraded when G6 becomes available and they’re out of warranty on their Dexcom G5 transmitter.

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When renewal time comes up they send me a email with some basic questions that is required by Medicare. Answer the question and forward back to the order department. I would call them and find the Medicare option, push 1, and they will be sure of your status. I usually do not have to wait on the phone more then 5 minutes. I am on Medicare also.

I’m on Medicare, too, and I recently went through the same experience as Baddog40 with my attempt at online ordering. I had also received a message from a local telephone number, presumably a local rep, asking if I was ready to reorder, but neither of the 2 messages I left were answered in the next couple of business days. So, I allowed for a lot of time to wait when I called the main number the next time, was asked for a call back number since the estimated wait time was more than 30 minutes, and did receive a callback in approximately the estimated time. I received my order in 5 days. They assured me that in the future I would get an email, from which I could click and order, so I’m relieved to see the posts above reporting that this does indeed happen. Wish it didn’t have to be done every month.