Medicare, etc

what is the best medicare mail order program for diabetic testing supplies?
i live in n.y.
thank you.

there are some discussions in these groups

and these discussions

I hate to say this, but any answer to this at this time may have only fleeting value. Medicare is rolling out a new nationwide mail order system for competitive bidding in July. I think we will probably have to wait and see how the competitive bidding comes out and based on those companies, which are best.

Folks, my experience so far is that one needs to contact medicareto find out if current supplier ins on the list and b) who now is approved for you and strips you are using.

I have been through this multiple times and only consistent answer so far was medicare.

BESt of wishes and good luck!

for my supplies i use CCS but they manely ship out pump supplies

i signed up with CCS for CONTOUR strips but they don't have ONETOUCH ULTRASOFT LANCETS so i'll have to get those somewhere else.SO VERY FRUSTRATING.