Medicare Mail Order Insulin Pump Suppliers

CCS Medical has been supplying me with Insets, cartridges and batteries for my Animas Ping Insulin Pump for the past 2 years.

A 90 day order was supposed to go out on 10/18. I was notified a few days after that, that the order wasn’t shipped because CCS Medical had the cartridges on back order. I was able to borrow some cartridges and insets to make up for the order that I didn’t receive. As of today, 8 days later, CCS still hasn’t gotten the cartridges. I spoke to them numerous times, and I was aghast to discover that when they finally ship out the supplies, I wouldn’t be able to get my next order of supplies, until 90 days after the order ships (Medicare rules). They basically are saying, “we don’t have the supplies, make the best of it, and when we get the supplies we’ll ship them to you. We don’t care what happens to you when you don’t have the supplies”.

The CCS Medical customer service reps and their supervisors lied to me when they said they were in contact with Animas and were expecting the cartridges tomorrow (there have been a lot of tomorrows). When I called Animas, they told me that CCS doesn’t get their Insulin Pump supplies from them. There is something fishy going on and I know that many other people are affected by CCS’s incompetence.

I’m looking for another supplier that deals with Medicare Part B. Is there anyone else I can get supplies from? The local suppliers listed on the Medicare website for my area of New Jersey, don’t deal with individuals.

I just started with CCS medical. It took me 2 months just to get my first order. According to medicare you need to see your dr every 90 days and have your dr send in the office notes. I dont know how a company can run out of supplies. Maybe it could be that animas is going out of business? Not sure. i get more supplies in january. It will be interesting to see what will happen then.

I know this doesnt help much but just sharing a bit of my experience. I never had an issue with a csr that ive dealt with. if you know of another company (that isnt edgepark) i would like to know.