Dexcom G4/G5 holdouts

If you’re in the US, still using the Dex G4/G5, & not using Medicare who is your supplier? And are you still in warranty?

I got my last order of g4 sensors from Byram, Dec 2018.
My next order will be with new insurance, so haven’t confirmed yet which supplier will accept new plan, and may be using G6 by then.

Which supplier did you try, and did they say it was not available?

I get all my G5 Dexcom supplies directly from Dexcom

Dexcom has been our supplier for 4 years. We were told the G4 & G5 are no longer being manufactured, & they wouldn’t let us order sensors. We just put this transmitter in use in June, but we’ve had it on hand since February. Our warranty expired in April. We tried ordering from Edgepark, but because we’re out of warranty we are only allowed to order a new G6 system.

My last G5 Sensors were shipped on August 14, 2019 and I will be ordering more on September 3,2019

Are you still in warranty? Dexcom refused to allow us to purchase anything other than G6. This was the 2nd try with 2 different sales reps.

If you’re still getting supplies from Dexcom I’m genuinely, truly happy for you. Since that’s no longer an option for us, I’m looking for a supplier who still has some stock AND isn’t concerned with warranty. I’d like to buy enough (cash - Edgepark is the only other in-network supplier for us) to ride out the remaining life of this transmitter…probably 3 boxes.

My transmitter is still in warranty, yes. Actually they just sent me a new transmitter with my last order so I will be in warranty until pretty much the end of this year. The latest one they sent me has not been used yet as my last one has not yet expired.

I’ve been getting G5 sensors supplied via orders from my local pharmacy. Have not heard any supply difficulties from them. Not due to re-order a transmitter for about another month. Unfortunately I have no idea who the pharmacy orders from.

My insurance does not let me order direct from Dexcom, so I’m not sure what your issue is…how can Dexcom refuse to sell you G5 sensors? Are they saying they are no longer supplying them to anybody or is this an insurance PA glitch?

It’s nothing to do with insurance. The sales reps stated G4 & G5 supplies are no longer being manufactured, & no longer available to us. We’ve ordered online since we started buying directly from Dexcom. When I logged in to order, the only supplies available we’re for the G6, hence the need for the phone calls.

That’s strange because Dexcom is currently supplying all Medicare patients with G5 supplies. They keep changing the date of the G6 rollout. December was the last I heard.

I get a monthly shipment of G5 sensors from Byram. I received my last shipment about a week ago, late August 2019. I’m getting this supply under Medicare. I received my startup G5 kit last spring, so I’m thinking I still have about 6 months warranty on the G5.

I got my last shipment of G5 sensors and a new Transmitter in June/19 direct from Dexcom Canada.

Both transmitters and sensors are still widely available, as this photo from their website a moment ago shows.


It seems the rep you were speaking with wasn’t telling you the truth.

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I hope you can find the G5 sensor supply you need.

Your circumstance makes me wonder if Dexcom has indeed stopped manufacturing the G4/G5 sensor and will only supply these sensors to people currently under warranty as a way to make that supply last until they can switch everyone over to the G6. I know they want to start shipping G6 systems to people on Medicare by the fourth quarter of 2019, but that date has slipped twice before.


@Jim_in_Calgary different countries, different policies. While I don’t put total faith in what a sales rep says, I also don’t automatically assume they’re dishonest, particularly when a potential client makes it clear they’re interested in only one product.

@Terry4 I suspect you’re right on the mark.

I am on board with @Jim_in_Calgary on this one.

I naturally assume all sales people are not being entirely up front and honest with me and potentially are lying directly to my face.
Until proven otherwise.


Thank you @MM1. I’ll give Byram a try.

I live in the Netherlands and Zkope, the distributor of Dexcom material, told us that the G4-sensor will be retracted at the end of 2019. My German friends have received the same information. On the Dexcom site there isn’t any information available about stopping production. I guess Dexcom is slowly retracting the G4 from the market preparing for the introduction of the, probably much cheaper, G7 at the end of 2020.
That sensor is comparable to the Freestyle Libre sensor. It will last 14 days.
In the mean time all our hospitals are changing from G4/G5 to G6.

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Earlier this year, Dexcom Canada told me there were no plans to force Canadian G4 customers to upgrade, one reason being that they wanted to serve customers who didn’t have a phone.

However, that was before they announced the release of the G6 in Canada for September. My endo’s office believes they will now start to get rid of G4/G5 stock.

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I think the writing is on the wall for G4/G5’s in Canada.

Their website states “available on site until Dec 31/19, after which only available by phoning Dexcom Canada reps”

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