Infusion sets

Hi everyone!
I am having problems with my quick set infusions (6mm). It's been a day that i have it on and this morning for no reason( Not food or anything) my BS went trought the roof...I came back home to change the set AGAIN and there was blood in the canula and on the end of the tube?? I guess no insulin given for that reason...Last week, after two days, I had to change the site again for no visible reason...
Should I use the 9 mm sets?
Or should I change them every 2 days instead of 3??

I like the Silhouette sets more than Quick Set. . I stick them in manually, which I think gives me a better feeling of it being in, working around old sites, etc. I used the Quick Sets when I first started but one pulled out once while I was @ a Tae Kwon Do class and I tried the Silhouettes and haven't gone back.

I had this happen with the silhouette's when I used the inserter device. Something about the flexibility of the needle made the needle utterly dive and blood was a very common occurrence.
I can't say why or where it was coming from, but like you, things were random and erratic.
I changed to manually inserting them as acidrock said, and it all but went away.

I actually changed to the quick-sets completely after being given some to try by a sales rep from minimed because it was all he had, and utterly loved them.

I've tried both canula size, and found them both to work the same, though the smaller one is a little more prone to pulling out, because it simply isn't buried as deeply and can be dislodged before the other one based on length.

Perhaps it might shed some light if you go over your routine?

How do you put them in? Where, etc. Are you extremely lean where you use them? Do clothes press very firmly against them during your day?
Do you take very high doses of insulin?


Hi Rob!
Well, I like to use my upper "butt cheeks" because it is easy to hide and it's not on my way during the day, so for me the silhouette were not easy to manoeuver. I did order the quick set 9mm and now it seams to work very well. Overall, I think it"s better to take my time, put a nice pressure on the inserter (not in a rushhh) and be careful...I guess we have to be aware and preventif, look at the sites regularly ...
To answer your questions: I am very lean, I take micro doses ( daily insulin intakes is around 14u!!)

I might try the Sure-T very soon too!