Medtronic 522 vs. 722 Pumps (from Laina)

Laina, I have a 522 pump, so I did a google on this and found showing both pumps. The 722 has a slightly larger (maybe 1/8 inch) case at the left side of the screen, and a protrusion of about 1/2 inch (or so it looks) from the case for the extra size of the 722’s reservoir. You could also call Medtroinic during business hours and get someone to give you the exact dimensions of both.
– Fred Goldberg

If I may add, I think the 722 would be best during pregnancy, as the additional reservoir space will save you switching infusion sets more often and there is a good chance you may need more insulin then. Still, Fred’s advice is great: better to call Medtronic to confirm.

Also, if you haven’t read it, make sure to pick up a copy of Parents with Diabetes. You can order it through this link for convenience:

Laina, I have the 715 pump. I was also told by my diabetes educator that it would be more helpful should I become pregnant. I now have a 18 month old son. Your insulin needs change weekly while pregnant. At the beginning of your pregnancy you will actually take less insulin, but towards the end it will be much more. I was taking 1 unit of insulin for every 2 carbs I ate. I haven’t felt like the extra 1/2 inch or so on the pump would make much of a difference with wearing it. Gook luck. Heather

Hi Laina,
I just went on a paradigm pump and faced the same choice for similar reasons. I have other health insures that increase my insulin needs when they decided to rear their ugly head. I use less that 30u daily so a 522 would have been perfect but because of my history I wanted the capacity of the 722. I went with the 722. I had a chance to use the 522 for my saline trial and the only difference is about 1/2 inch in length. Other than that the size is the same. You can also use the smaller resiovour in the 722 . (

Hi Laina, It really depends on how much insulin you use per day and how often you wish to change your set. I use the 522 and I use about 32-38 units of humalog per day – I change my infusion set every 2 - 2.5days because I found that I had reactions and possibly insulin resistance when I changed it every 3+ days. But I could definitely fit in 3+ days’ worth, as I fill it with about 100 u for the 2.5 days and it is more than enough. I am also planning on pregnancy as soon as possible, and I know my needs will change, but I have no problem with planning on changing my set a lot at that time because I did experience problems with accepting too much insulin at one site anyway. That’s one thing you will need to take into consideration alongside with the convenience of changing infusion sets on a less frequent basis.