Preggers and pumps questions

I am down to deciding between the Ping (which has a slight favor) and the Minimed. I have a Dex Com 7, so the Minimed CGM isn’t an option because my insurance will not cover 2. But the Ping does not hold as much insulin as the Minimed (am I spelling that right?) I am not yet pregnant, but I do see my Endo tomorrow and he will write the script for it then…but the choice is mine.

I’ve read the discussions on here and it seems like I could be happy with either…I prefer the Ping, but am a little worried about how much insulin it holds–especially with increased needs late in pregnancy.

SO…help me make my decision. I’ve never had a pump…I have been debating this for over a year now…I just can’t seem to make a choice.

Anyone want to weigh in??

I have not had the Ping before. I am on MM and LOVE it. I also use the CGMS and it works well for me. I love the 300u size (so when we do get pregnant i have enough in the reservoir). I don’t care about waterproof-ness as I don’t swim with my pump on as I drop like a rock BG wise, and I certainly don’t want to be looking on the ocean floor for it if it become unclipped. If you do get the MM and your insurance situation changes, you will always have the option of adding on the CGM as the Revel are is integrated, all you would have to do is get the transmitter and sensors in the future. The new Revel offers all of the small basal and bolus increments of the Ping. The major difference is the lack of remote meter for the MM, but I don’t mind that at all.

Thanks Jennifer. That helps! I don’t think I would miss the remote, as I have never had one, but you make some good points here. I could probably switch to the MM CGM next December. How has your customer service been for you?

Beth – I also have a MM, but I will likely switch to the PING when I can. I also like it better, especially the remote!

How many units of insulin do you currently use in one day? If you think that your insulin needs could triple, then you would need to change the reservoir more often. When I become more insulin resistant, I am considering using injections for my big boluses and using the pump only for basal and smaller boluses to make the reservoir last longer. I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant and still using less than pre-pregnancy, but I know that will start increasing soon.

I use up to 100 units during my cycle, but i normally use between 65-80 units a day. I forgot about the option to give shots as well as wear the pump. I current;y use a quick pen of Humalog, but I would probably get vials now, right…and just use the old needles for MDIs?

Oh–the 65-80 includes my Lantus which accounts for about 54-58 units a day.

I fill my pump from pen cartridges, but it is a bit more expensive that way in the USA (in Hungary insulin ONLY comes in pen cartridges!). You may find that your basal units are slightly lower when you start on the pump. Some people find that their total basal is a bit less than what they needed from Lantus.

If I end up needing 50 unit boluses, then I will certainly do that with a pen or needle, not the pump.

I do like the bigger reservoir, but it would not be enough to get me to stay with Minimed. Also, the MM CGMS works for some people, but you should definitely try it before you switch because many people strongly prefer the Dexcom! I’m not using any CGMS – so I can’t add anything, but can only reflect what I have read here on TuD.

Remember that you can refill a reservoir or change to a new reservoir without changing out your infusion set. I did that on my Cozmo toward the end of my pregnancy (used it for the final 6 weeks).

I also did what Kristin is talking about and would sometimes give large boluses via injection (especially when I was using the Omnipod during most of my pregnancy) to save the rest of my insulin for basal needs and also because Omnipod delivers boluses very slowly and I didn’t want a bolus to be spread out over 30 minutes just because I needed to take 30 units!

I would personally choose the Ping. Their company is friendly with Dexcom and you can look forward to an integrated system in the future. I had Minimed pumps for 8 years and they were fine to deal with and made good pumps, but they’re honestly my least favorite pump out there on the market today.

Just since we are on the topic…those of you who are pregnant…My endo told me that once pregnant you would need to change infusions site every day? Do people really do this?? She says because of infection risk.

My vote is go with the Ping. I currently use minimed but want to change to the ping. The remote option seems really nice, and the ability to look up carb values for foods!

Never heard this. I don’t think it’s necessary. I spent 32 weeks of my pregnancy on the Omnipod and that lasts for 80 hours with each pod.

I haven’t heard of this either. Nothing about my infusion set habits changed during pregnancy.

I use the Sure-T so I move it every 2 days, but I reinsert the same infusion set (which I think is the greatest risk of infection). My doctor did not have me change anything about my habits there.

thank you for your replies! I knew diabetes was expensive, then thought for sure being pregnant with diabetes would be even more expensive but that made me think I would be going straight to the poor farm!

Kristin…I have never used the sure-t’s but you reinsert the same one? How long before changing it out?

I move the needle part of the Sure T every 2 days and I insert the same infusion set 3 times. So I get six days out of each set. Also, if it is uncomfortable for any reason, then I just move it. Whenever I reinsert, I clean with alcohol first and then tape it down. I never used to use alcohol – so I feel like I am being a little more careful now :slight_smile:

The inspiration to do this came because I wanted to switch to Sure-T, but my insurance will only pay for one new Sure-T every 3 days (even though they are only supposed to be used for 2 days). So I talked to my doctor about it and she agreed that there should be no problem with reinserting.