Medtronic 530G suspend feature

Does anyone know if it is possible to suspend the pump but set it for a certain time period. I always forget to turn resume back on after lows. Didn’t know if a trick I was unaware of?

Just do a “temp basal” set at 0% (or minus 100%, uncertain of the MM term, -100% = Off on my pump)) for a certain time duration. My Animas pump permits time durations in 30 minute increments. That way I don’t have to remember to turn the pump back on. It simply times out and resumes.

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what Terry said: do a temp rate of zero percent and choose the duration that best fits the situation.

I hate to say duh, lol. I use this all the time for exercise. Didn’t even think to use it for lows, great idea. How long do you usually suspend for lows?

As in most things with diabetes, it all depends. Realize that whatever basal interruption you make, it’s full effect happens 2 hours downline. It’s best to do these temp basal-off tactics when you can see it coming. All things being equal, I would start with a 30 minute basal-off and see what it does. The danger is getting a bounce to the high side and a ticket on the gluco-coaster. I wouldn’t do more than an hour unless you think you’ve over-dosed by that amount.

This temp basal increase and temp basal decrease is one of the main tactics employed by the artificial pancreas designers.

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Hi @Lori31,

I have the same problem. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and my high risk OBGYN instructed me not to use the suspend feature anymore because I would forget to shut it off. I would go sky high. Its been a lot easier to treat the low with 15-20 grams via juice and I come out about 90-100 when done. I agree with everyone else, I recommend the temp basal.

It depends on my carb ratio compared to basal rate. So if I am fasting and my BG is low I will decrease my basal to 0-20% for 90 min to 2 hours. For whatever reason if I go to 0% at night time my BG rebounds really bad in the AM which is why I will keep it 10-20%

I thought there was a way to set the duration of the 530G suspend feature but I took a quick peek at the manual and it says 2 hours? I am still using the old Revel/ 523 as I figure I can usually catch things. If I am crashing w/ IOB or whatever, I use 7% and it seems to be pretty powerful. I’d rather have an hour suspend option or adjustable duration than a fixed 2 hours as I think I can get pretty high w/o basal. I always have to think “ok, I have IOB but I also have FOB and uh, whatever else is going on…hmmm, I’ll try an hour” and then will check my CGM 20 minutes later and it will be growing teeth and coming around.

Perhaps you are thinking about the “THRESHOLD SUSPEND” feature, which isn’t what we are referring to in regards to manually stopping the pump using “SUSPEND”?

The 530G alarms every 15 minutes when it’s suspended. You’ll have to ignore the alarms in order to forget to turn suspend off. Assuming you do have it set to alarm.

The old Cosmo pump had a timeout for suspend. As we all know, the Cos could do anything!