Medtronic 670G - 2nd Thanksgiving Weekend devoted to SELF TEACHING

Thanksgiving 2017 I spent the entire Thanksgiving Weekend self teaching myself how to use my Medtronic 630G.

Thanksgiving 2018 - I may spend ANOTHER entire Thanksgiving Weekend self teaching myself my Medtronic 670G.

I FINALLY have commercial insurance again to cover the GCMs.
My Guardian sensors, resevoirs and infusion sets will probably ship next Monday or Tuesday. And of course there is no way I would do anything like this during the work week.

I self teach because I am NOT going to wait to go to another doctors office to have someone teach me the same stuff that is in the manuals. I can read. :smile: I have also been on insulin pumps since Minimed 507 (Bright Blue) in 1997 which I still have on a shelf.

Interesting note: I also enjoyed my Smith Medical CoZmo very, very much. I was upset to read that Medtronic somehow ‘sued’ them out of the U.S. of A. I would love to learn more about THAT. I kept my last CoZmo running for about 12 months after the company left the U.S.

Anyone else ever self teach the 670G?
Did it take roughly 3 days?

James Laing

I always read the manuals over and over for something important like my first few pumps. After a while, it gets routine (I mean when I get a new model) and I don’t spend as much time reading. I did lots of reading and viewing videos of the Dexcom before receiving it. Helps a lot! I don’t need a pro to walk me through stuff. I just call tech support when I have specific questions, though. works for me.

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If you search you will find many discussions on 670G. I am using 523, but can tell by what others have posted, it will not likely be a self teach completely. There is manual mode first, and some time for the pump to ‘learn’ your situation.

At some point the auto mode can be used, but I don’t know if that can be set by user.

There has also been shortage of the guardian sensors, so I have heard some say MM is controlling who and when folks can start on them.