Medtronic 670G Manuals

Can’t wait to get mine! :sunglasses:
Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump Documentation

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Thanks for the Link. I’m not a Medtronic user but it’s interesting to read how it will work.

But from what I am reading, while in “Auto Mode” it will definitely require a lot of baby sitting. More alerts and more alarms. It can disable the Auto Mode if you don’t enter a BG when it asks for one.

Also, one of the cool features I like is the ability to use the wireless meter to enter a Bolus. HOWEVER, this feature is not allowed when in Auto Mode. Really?

I hope it works well for everyone, but I have my doubts. Sounds like more headaches to me.

That’s correct according to the documentation (e.g. no support for Remote Bolus from meter). The following note appears on page 244 of the 670G Systems Users Guide:

Note: Auto Mode Bolus only supports Normal boluses. Square Wave,
Dual Wave, Easy, Manual, Remote, and Preset bolus types cannot be
delivered while in Auto Mode.
If you attempt to send a Remote Bolus from your meter while Auto Mode
is active, an alert message appears on the meter.

Does the current model have this remote bolus meter as well?

Yes the current MM 630G model supports remote bolus from the meter (manual bolus only).

Manual, meaning you cannot use the bolus wizard remotely?

Correct manual bolus only

The 630G DOES allow for remote bolusing (from the compatible meter only), which you can do as a manual or preset amount. (The response by someone else above was a little confusing and seemed to conflate the two different modes.) You cannot however do dual or square from the meter.

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That’s what I meant Dessito (REMOTE from meter). The only meter that supports REMOTE Bolus with MM 630G or MM 670G is the Bayer Contour Next Link 2.4 Meter.

BTW (in case you didn’t know) - you also cannot use Bolus Wizard when doing a remote bolus from the meter.

Thanks for clarifying that both Manual and Preset Boluses are supported in REMOTE Bolus mode from the meter! :slight_smile: