Running in manual mode on 670g-but auto-readiness screen has all the checkmarks to be running right?

So basically, long story short, I had a bit of a loop of death problem when I changed my sensor on my 670g. However, it processed the BG finally, but now I seem to be stuck in manual mode, despite being shown otherwise from the auto-readiness checklist/the auto mode is turned on and not asking for anything. No question marks. It’s showing it’s running in manual, despite all the checklist for auto-readiness are fine. I’ve switched it on and off to try and see if it’d click. Nothing. Any ideas what’s going on?

Call Medtronic.


Was planning on it, no worries there. I was just curious if this had happened to anyone else. I ended up needing a whole new sensor (area was bruised and gross-think it was giving me the loop because the spot wasn’t right)and now I wonder if I overwhelmed the pump because it kept asking me for calibrations during that Auto Mode loop. I’ve now been told to not do that
…which I did not know before.

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