Medtronic Launches Enlite™ Sensor

Medtronic announced a new CGMS today. Its smaller and more accurate. --69% smaller in sensor size by volume, 38% shorter in length and can be worn for 6 days.

Sounds like good stuff to me!

When will this be available in US???

Wonder what it looks like…don’t see any images of it yet floating around.

Looking around it seems like they will be out fiscal year 12. That starts on May 1, 2011 for Medtronic. I would expect to see them on the market in the next 6 months as long as they don’t have to still get FDA approval.

This link shows a picture with additional information of the new sensor.


Very nice! 90 degree insertion. I wonder if the “introducer” is smaller. You can see that the physical size of the thing is smaller.

Also interesting is how the sticky part wraps up and over the transmitter keeping it in place. I have ripped mine off a few times because it flops around.

I hear you - I use a Tegaderm to secure it and that works well for me. I think I would still use the Tegaderm even with the smaller sensor. I can be tough on these thigs.

Has anyone heard anything on cost per sensor - with twice the life will they double the cost? Will be interesting to see what they do in that regard!

I wonder if they are “rated” for 6 days but might work longer? I’ve gotten useful data for 7 days a couple of times…

well if they dont raise price then they will be cheaper than dexcom and maybe dexcom will lower price? I know dreaming but dexcom did move production to china so they probably coat 75 cents to make and the development cost ought to be recouped soon so that the economies of scale take over and get more economical

I am running like 20-30 miles/ week now (1/2 marathon this Sunday…whee…) and am going to run a bit more w/ goal of running a marathon. It is very handy to have the telemetry for all that? I don’t worry about the $$$ that much. Scar tissue is a bit of a concern but they still seem to fade and there’s less of them with less changes? I dunno. No problems so far knocks on sensor. I realize I’m sort of early in the game though?

I need to agree with Acid …it ( sensor ) worked for me as well , when I was into " marathoning " …today I am questioning the complete diabetes thing …everything a concern …pumping, sensor , how many carbs,stress about family affairs, stress about a pumper friend , who had a heart attack at age under 50 , stress about our Rottie not doing well , etc. etc. …maybe my eyeballs are just NOT working …sad to admit .
Keep on running Mr. Acid :slight_smile:

I am stressing out about how fast I can run. I had a nice 5K on Thanksgiving and have had some ups and downs training but had one of my best runs ever yesterday. A lot of it depends more on the weather than my bg. Like I’ve said, I really like distractions!

I have come to a point in life ( and admit I am a lot more Senior than you acid…) where crossing the finish line becomes much more important than the time it takes to cross the line …in any case : Upright and Smiling :slight_smile: …how I reacll Disney World 2008 …85 degrees , 100 percent humidity …this gal did NOT complete the full marathon …but I have stories to tell …I dropped my sensor in the Loo at D.W. :slight_smile: … with temperatures and humidity …likely no surprise !

I am always excited to cross the starting line!

my kind of marathoner you are :slight_smile: …oh, I ment to say on the floor of the Loo …not into …" wording" makes a difference does it not ??

I’m not sure the floor of the loo and the loo itself are much different?

I read Jeff Galloway’s book that advocates skipping dinner the night before races to enable portapotty skipping and, so far, I’m batting 1.000. The last 1/2 was in Champaign in the spring and I managed to “unpee” about 7 miles into it…

yes but i want to keep my eyeballs and i would not give up my Dex 3 out of 4 weeks no way. It helps keep me stable even though I now finally have insurance, I always try for the max life out of my sensor - I dont get as long as some but usually get 10 to 15 days and my wife gets 9 to 12 not sure why the difference. Never any scars or infections. If you stay pretty close on your numbers, even a diabetic body heals quick! Even before I had insurance coverage, i was committed to paying out of pocket. You cant take the dollars with you when u leave planet earth and I wanna be able to see for all my years. The advice to use one week a month is just plain stupid!

Looking in to sensor. Testing Dexcom 7+ from my clinic now. They will let me wear for 2 weeks till I have to return. I have a MM 522. I love the idea of not having to carry around receiver but very impatient to wait for CGMS since A1c is up to 8.6!


Pump warranty is up March 2012 and I could switch to animas then too.