Medtronic Pump accuracy?

What’s your opinion of the Medtronic continuous glucose monitor? I just got the pump and have been okayed for the monitor but from what I have read on here and other places it seems to have a lot less accuracy than others… but since I have the paradigm pump does the convenience outweigh the comparable inaccuracy?.. I know it’s nice to have a picture posted, by the way, but I’m digitally challenged. Fingers and toes are OK, but cameras and computers not so ok. I’ve only been a diabetic since July. It seems that using the computer and math skills are required study for managing this new life. Add that to the learning curve, wheeee.

Can you get a trial first? I did a six day trial and for me it was very accurate. If you do the trial, be sure to read up on how to use it effectively (in our Forums, for example). It is important to calibrate only when your blood sugars are stable. I sometimes skipped calibrating (and lost data) if I wasn’t stable. This worked for me.

So I say give it a try and see how it works for you!

The sensor insertion for me was completely painless… (the one time).

I’ve been happy with mine. I’ve worn it since 2008 (February.) It may be off by 20 points (sometimes a bit more than that) but if you get the hang of it you will become good at using it. I keep my LOW BG setting at 95, and it always wakes me up if I have a low in the nighttime when my BG is really 70 - though the pump thinks it’s 95.

This gal is happy , wearing one most of the time , well over 2 years, pumping since Aug. 2001, diagnosed Jan 1983 …so here is my life story in 1 1/4 sentences .
Now the rest : my settings are between 5 ( x18 ) and 8 ( x 18 ) …and this is my( no one else"s !!) PROBLEM : I sometimes don’t pay attention to the alarm !!..NOT good, however it happens …others can hear better , than I

I have used the navigator and the MM side by side and though the Nav is more responsive, in general. if I calibrated the MM correctly they were close and trends were clear.

The key on MM calibration is not to calibrate when BG is rising or falling when calibrating, and only calibrate ~3 times a day.