Medtronic pump out in UK

Please forgive me if this has already, been posted, and be aware that we do not use the MM pump. I got this off another forum and thought it might be good to share.

The release date in the UK is rumored to be june 1st

This is in HTML and the pictures are not available, but it is a pamphlet from MM
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Quick summary is that
It tells you insulin on board (I’m presuming it means that it now tells you without having to input a BG number);
Rate of change alerts on the CGM, so it shows you rapid rises and falls without actually having to go out of range;
Trend arrows (I thought the MM CGM already had trend arrows, but whatever);
Predictive alarms for highs and lows (looks like it’s customizable, and you can set it to alarm 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes before you are predicted to be high or low);
Missed meal bolus reminder;
0.025 basal increments; (bolus still in.1 unit though)
Automatic shut off when BG falls past a certain point on the CGM. ( great unless you get false lows and don’t turn the pump back on right away)
The sensor needle is supposed to be smaller and it will run the 6 days until you have to recharge the transmitter ( no word yet on if they are doubling the price too)

I hope you find it useful

here are 2 pictures of the Veo’s


I found the links to the html didn’t work for me. What did work for me was to google using this string: Paradigm+Veo then use the “view html” link. Otherwise I get accessed denied clicking to open the pdf.


Insulin on board is the insulin that is pumping into your body like lets say an hour ago i gave 5 units of insulin and i check my blood, i can check to see what my blood sugar is and let’s say my blood sugar is 120. i check my IOB (insulin on board) and i have 3.52 units left. that means i might need to eat something to cover the remaining insulin that hasn’t yet pumped into my body.

Don’t you mean that if you have 3.52 units on board, you have that amount of effective insulin still active in your body? You took the bolus an hour ago, it’s all been infused already. I think Minimed has the slowest bolus infusion time and 5u would only take about 10 min. Just want to be sure that I understand what you’re saying.