New Pump

Dear All,

Just heard lately from my doctor that there is a new pump from Paradigm that notify you if your BG is hi or low. He mentioned that its already been used in England.

Is there any pump that has been manufacured yet that can test and alarm !

Any body knows anything about this news !! Coz if this is true then its great news for lots of us .


The Dexcom meter has been reminding me for a week now. They say it will be integrated with my Animas Ping next year, but in the meantime at least it notifies me (with great accuracy and sound level) that my Bgs have hit a low/high point or that they are moving in that direction in too fast a manner.

Actually, Minimed’s Paradigm will be called some new name, but the UK one has a suspend ability–if you don’t clear a low alarm after a few attempts at alerting you to a low, the pump will suspend delivery of insulin for 2h. Needless to say, one will have to be using the Pump/CGMS combo. There are no pumps which are ‘Stand alone’ that will do this.

Oddly, I have heard this function will not be in the USA’s Paradigm. For some reason, the suspend feature was a bug-a-boo with the FDA or something.

The CGMS sensors will allegedly be good for 6-day runs and will (also allegedly) be smaller than the currently used 3-day CGMS sensors we now use.

IIRC, the UK/European pump will be called the VEO and the USA’s is the Revel.

Rumours have it that there will be a ‘tubeless pump’ from Minimed in 2011.

The current pump/CGMS combo from minimed DOES have alarms already that alert you to impending highs or lows, based on you and your health care team’s settings of Hi or low numbers. My highs are at 180, lows are at 90. When it alarms, I test to make sure my BG is indeed higher or lower than liked.

Just a souped up version of what we already have IMO.

Yes its the Paradigm - VEO

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