One More Year

As it turns out, people in Ontario who go through the assisted devices program have to wait for 5 years before they can get a new pump.I called Animas to order supplies and when I asked about my warranty the person on the phone explained that those who go through the ADP,they increased the warranty by 1 year.So I won’t get a new pump til 2017😟.Oh well,maybe by then they will have something even better.

I think five years is a reasonable replacement period at this time. I wouldn’t think that if I was only one year into a five year warranty and a fully functional artificial pancreas came out with solid reviews.

I once spent 10 years using the same pump but the pump technology in the '90’s wasn’t advancing all that quickly. Insulin pumps like most tech these days doesn’t necessarily wear out, it gets overtaken by better functions and software improvements.

The US Medicare system (mostly for age 65+) requires five year warranties on insulin pumps it buys.

I used my first pump for four and a half years and my second pump is nearing five years (its warranty was only four), and I honestly don’t think there’s a big difference between the two. In fact, aside from the display, my first pump was far better than my second. I plan on sticking with my current pump until it dies, because my province (British Columbia) doesn’t cover pumps for adults over age 25 and my work insurance only covers one pump per lifetime. So that one pump that I choose better be a good upgrade. Hoping my current pump lasts until a semi-closed loop system comes out, but I think that’s several years out and I’m worried that it won’t.

So if the warranty is 4 years, & you’re not eligible for a replacement for 5 years, what happens if the pump dies? Curious because some of the US health plans seem to be going to the 5 year eligibility as well.

Gee,I don’t feel so bad ,now that I see how lucky I am to live in Ontario.I was anxious to get a new pump because the Vibe has the integrated cgm and I have never had one before.I am sure the year will fly by,as time moves faster as you age.