Meeting Type 1's

Early race morning I had to get body marked with my race number and category on my right arm and leg. One of the other volunteers approached me to ask if I was a diabetic (I guess it was the insertion site that gave it away). Ryan Moffitt age 10years (Type 1 Diabetic for 2 1/2years) is also a pump user and competed in the Ironkids triathlon earlier in the week. He and his family worked all morning marking Ironman athletes and all cheered for me as I went out onto the bike leg.

Soooo…how did you do??? Did you finish strong Miss Ironwoman? :slight_smile: It’s always nice to meet diabetics out and about or even people who know or have family members with diabetes! Sometimes they ask are you really racing today, or how does the intensity affect your diabetes? Where I politely explain that it only does if I let it. :slight_smile:

Hey Mike, I had a really good day out there. It wasn’t my best time 12.38hours but with the lack of training that is all I could expect. The swim was good…the cycle was windy…the run was hard but my sugars remained perfect throughout the day. Until the next one…HJH