so… It’s been a super long week… took my firsts tests of the semester… made a resolution to take care of my diabetes better (and keeping it so far) and general ridiculous homework and clarinet practices…now that it’s friday and I have a nice weekend with a light homework load I feel underwhelmed… I feel like I should have a crazy weekend but instead I’m gonna read, do homework, and work… why must being a grownup suck so hard?

hmm, interesting, good job resolving w/ the BG. Still, I would suggest that “tests” and “grownup” are not necessarily the same? It may seem brutal to have tests, homework, etc. but, once you have a job/ career/ etc. it can be even more nuts. You get one grade/ semester and it’s likely ‘the economy suxx, here is your statistically insignificant raise’

Don’t listen to acidrock, he’s just being a Donny Downer.

There is no raise. Don’t get your hopes up.

Look at it this way. At least as a grownup you have a choice whether to do your homework. When you think being a grownup sucks, remember how much it sucked to be a kid. Or at least how much you thought it sucked to be a kid.