Gee... Thanks!

Colleges and Universities… why must they move so slowly?

First- you have to do A, then B, then C… definitely not out of order either!

I recently moved and, while I am finished with college, I wanted to take a couple classes to improve my skills anyway. So, I REapplied to the university I attended a few years ago. Then, I had to meet with an advisor since I’d been away from the school for more than a year. He was no help. I had to get transcripts sent from my previous three schools. One of them wouldn’t send a copy until they got an updated copy from another school. After they got it, I had to resubmit my request! grrr! In order to get instate tuition (all you Texas better appreciate your CHEAP tuition! My instate is 3x your nonresident!). Anyway, there is a clause in the catalog. If you move for a professional full time job, you can also have instate tuition. The nonhelpful advisor said to bring paycheck stubs to qualify. So, I brought them. Yeah- instate tuition! But, wait… the advisor didn’t know what he was talking about-- he’d never even heard of that clause! what?! So, the new helpful advisor said I needed a mortgage statement. So, I drove all the way home (about 30 miles) to get it and drove all the way back. THEN, I also had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. The clerk said it would take about 2-3 weeks to process my paperwork to see if I will qualify (that was about 2 months ago). YESTERDAY, I got a letter stating that they had processed my request and that I am approved for resident tuition. FINALLY! But, wait- the semester has already started. =o( Bummer!

Oh well… I guess I’ll just have more time to save up for those outrageous fees!

In diabetes related news- things are well. Nothing to really complain about, I guess. I’m going in to see a new endo Friday. My a1c is not due for another month, but she may want to go ahead and do that anyway. We’ll see…

What are you studying?