Nearing the end of the semester

I know we are nearing the end of the semester, seeing as we get out may 5th and I know that almost all college kids start gearing up for all those final projects they procrastinated and finals that make or break us, but those of of with diabetes have more on our already filled plates, so my question is what do you do to keep those grades good and keep diabetes happy too?
I run my stress away, when I am feeling boggled by class work and club meetings I just throw on some running shoes and hit the trail! Not without my bg check and supplies of course!

I tend to schedule everything! If it is not on my schedule I have to say no because otherwise I know I will slack somewhere else and I do not have time for slack!

I set aside time for me! only 30 mins a day, but man that time really helps! no phone answering or anything just me and my music! no thoughts just singing (thank goodness I have no room mate to scare with my voice!)

I avoid procrastination like a high blood sugar!! I try to sit down every night and get started on new assignments and then create timelines for my assignments.

I make social time a must!! We get together every sat. night and run to red box to get a movie and we all pile into the general hall lobby to watch movies! No school work allowed!

These are things I do so what works for you?

You have GOT to pull away!! My "thing" is at the other end...the prof!
Lord knows...if I don't back off every once in a while...I'll lose it for sure!!