Menopause insulin resistant

I am a 54 y/o and normally I haven’t had any issues relating to my cycle or menopause. In the previous week I was having more fluctuations in my sugars and my normal bolus wasn’t covering what I ate. I eat pretty well the same everyday. Well, yesterday I realized I had some spotting and I must have been ovulating. My supper and breakfast were especially harder to control more than usual. I increased my basal and bolus at supper as this had worked for the last few days. Yesterday I ended up going low after supper and needed extra carbs to bring me back up. Has anybody gone through this?

I went through the pause more than a decade ago, but yes, I became very insulin resistant as a result. Weight gain, blood sugar, insulin requirement, everything went up. I’m still struggling.

I’m sorry you are having a hard time. I am now stable (when my site is working). I don’t have any hot flashes and I haven’t had any weight gain. I wish I did as I am only 90 lbs. It seems that my sugars were unstable for about a week after they started acting normally again. Hopefully you won’t be too much longer having to cope with menopause.