Metformin Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

I need your input. This report got me worried enough to make me stop taking my daily dose of 1000 mg. Glumetza, extended release metformin. here are the links…

I wouldn’t take it too seriously—sounds like the methods of the study were questionable, and other evidence suggests metformin has several beneficial longterm effects. These results were only presented at a conference so far (and lots of questionable science gets into conferences), so I’d wait to see if it actually survives peer review (and if so, what it really looks like then) before making treatment decisions based on it.


I wouldn’t worry too much about this study’s findings. These paragraphs contain reasonable expert skepticism.

When asked for comment, Larry Ereshefsky, PharmD, with Follow the Molecule consulting group, Los Angeles, California, told Medscape Medical News that he was “very surprised” and skeptical about the results.

He noted that the poster didn’t explain how the investigators controlled for the confounders and didn’t mention anything about alternative treatments for T2DM or hemoglobin A1c levels between the groups, which would affect the analyses.

“It’s interesting and I would like to know more but I don’t believe the findings based on what’s up there,” said Dr Ereshefsky, who was formerly a psychiatry and pharmacology professor at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

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