Metro Detroit get together

Any Detroit area T1's interested in getting together with other T1's?? We've got about a half dozen people interested so far in meeting sometime this month. Trying to keep meeting place along I-75 in the Royal Oak/Troy area. A few of us have already gotten together once on a Sunday afternoon at Starbucks and it was great talking. We'd like to get more, so if you're interested, just let us know the best day.

Oh YAY!!!

The best days would be saturday or sunday and that area is perfect :slight_smile:


I am in, any given Sunday or Saturday.

Hey everyone! How does Sunday April 25th sound? I may have a dinner to go to but could do something around 1pm at the Starbucks on Crooks at I-75 or we could do Saturday. Let me know!

That would be AWESOMEEEEEE!

I will see you then, thanks Barb!

april 25th 1pm starbucks at 75 and crooks… for sure? Im telling other diabetics…

I think so! That would be great to get more people. It’s a small Starbucks but there’s another just up the road with outdoor seating, an option if we have to move! We have about 7 so far. I posted on the events page also.

she was just dx’ed 2 weeks ago T1. shes scared and feeling alone, so Im like “oh guess what?!?”.

she plans on coming :slight_smile: