Mexican food

Why does Mexican food make my sugar so high I love it & french fries . Both of those foods even though I give myself enough insulin I am still high for the rest of the day & night mexican food is worse than french fries. I I know it is the fat so can you adjust the ratio for the fat does that work ? my ratio is 1to 15 should I do 1 to 10 for the mexican food is there a magic thing to do me & my mom dont know about . Please help I cant qiut eating Mexican food .LOL

I have same problem. These foods are digested over a longer time period so you need the insulin to cover a longer time period. Try using the same dose but spread it out so it can cover the late digestion of high fat/high protein meals. So, if on pump, set up an Extended dose. If using syringes, split the dose into two separate shots. (If you take all the dose at once in beginning you could go low for a while and then high later due to late digestion. )
With enough trial & error, you should not have to give up on these foods :slight_smile:

lol i worked in a mexican resturant for 3 years, and got diagnosed towards the end. My sugar was perfect because i choose healthier alternatives (fajitas,chile poblanos with grilled veggies pico de gallo,chicken salads with salsa, shrimp burrito…) and i only ate there once or twice everyday. Can’t help you with taco bell, i love that place. Try making healthy alternatives at home.

lol, my problem is mainly RICE- Chinese and Japanese food.
its tough the best thing i can tell you just eat smaller portions.
example: if you order a burrito it half of it and eat more vegetables and cheese to fill up go vegetarian. beans are pretty high in carbohydrates as well as those delicious chips they give you.