Mid-Atlantic get together?

We were talking on the video chat last night about TuD get togethers. I'd love to have one in/near Phila. Is anyone else interested?

I’d be interested! I’m in DC but can travel.

I'm in Frederick, MD (about 3 hrs from Philly) and may be available depending on when the shindig goes down and when I'm due :) If this one doesn't work out for me, keep me in mind for the future!!!!

Kate, didn't know we were so close! One of my best friends is in New Windsor, not too far, right?

Great! Let's see where everyone is coming from and pick a central place based on that.

I've never heard of New Windsor, but a google search shows it's less than a half hour away! Small world :)

I would love to get together, but Philly is more than three hours away. I am near Fairfax. What about Baltimore?

B'more works well for me (about an hour from home).

Cool to see that there are some other DC-Metro area locals (Frederick, Fairfax).

So it's beginning to look as if Delaware may be most central - Scott coming from N Jersey, BSC Fairfax. Right smack off I-95? What do you guys think?

I know this sounds a bit far from some of you, but on Saturday, February 11th, the TCOYD Diabetes Conference and Health Fair is in Washington, DC. I missed it last time. I really want to go this time.

What about meeting at TCOYD?

A Tu Posse! It's out of my range but you would be a great bunch to represent Tu on the East Coast!! Unless they are already going or whatever?

There are 9 TCOYD conferences in 2012., including one in Des Moines, IA. Ok, that is a pretty far drive, but for someone on the east cost, everything in the midwest just "seems" close together.

I've been to Iowa exactly once, to get our deluxe dog, in like 37 years of living in Illinois.


Perhaps you need to get out more. I'm sure there is lots to see and do in Iowa.

Hey, thanks for this info. Considering I work just a few blocks from the DC convention center, I think I'll go, at least for part of the day. Looks interesting and I'm always curious to see what kind of info they have on type 1 at these things (there's always such a huge focus on T2, and it seems like T1 is constantly overlooked). Anyhoo, if anyone wants to meet up, let me know.

Deleware works for me.

Iowa? Where's that?

I'm planning on going. I will be trying to gather some of my local support group to go.

I created an event. If anyone wants to join us, perhaps we can coordinate through the event to figure out where to meet and so forth.

Fortunately, there's lots to see in Chicago too! Most of my "boondocking" has been north to Wisconsin (Superior, way up north!) and the UP. And forays to the coasts, NYC. I went to DC but that was when I was at the other website. Come to think of it, I think that was right before I "defected" here b/c they had another spate of login problems leading to what I perceived of as declining membership (whether they left or simply couldn't log in, I dunno...I've seen at least one person who requests login help here when they have problems there though?) so I didn't get the chance to meet up w/ y'all. One of these days...

uh uh jrt you said Mid Atlantic. Now you wanna change it to a coffee near your place? "Phila" that is the soft cheese place right?
I suggest this spot > * < in mid Atlantic. I have another one > * < that can be moved anywhere, but must be nearer Spain! Hope you appreciate my point ^ this to is movable and can cause discomfort is one sits on it by mistake!
Good friends are hard to find
Difficult to leave
and impossible to forget, as long as they know how to laugh! gonna buy myself a 2 piece swim suite. One wont be big enough!