Diabetes UnConference 2017

I attended the conference the past 2 years, but not able to attend this year.

Hope those that are going have a great time !

I was unable to find agenda for this year’s conference. Are they having speakers/seminars on Friday, and if so, who are the speakers/topics ? I thought that was a great addition to last years conference.

We’ll miss you this year. Are you planning to go to the one on the east coast in the fall? I haven’t followed the agenda at all. Whatever is organized will be good.

Going to the east coast session is a possibility. Also thinking of TCOYD some time this year.

I’m going and will be hanging out with @Terry4. Since Duncon Fall 2017 is near me I’ll most likely be there as well.

This year there isn’t as much on the agenda on friday. The main item is a DPAC Advocacy boot camp.

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Sorry to hear you won’t be there this time.

Wish LV was in March instead of Feb, but maybe next year it will back to March. Is there a date yet for the east cost ?

Yes October 13-15, 2017

if someone goes to that DPAC advocacy bootcamp, would you let me know if they give out basic info on what to ask our congressional representatives? I am unsure on the bills that were in limbo on the last congress. are the numbers still the same? I’ve never done this before, but I feel our new congressperson in NJ-05 would be willing to vote favorably. He just opened a satellite office near me, and I’d like to meet him in person.

if there are any printed materials, I’d love that too.

I’ll likely try to go to the DPAC Advocacy Boot camp. I’ve been before. It is run by @Christel and @BadShoe who founded Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC).

If you visit the website there is a “issues” tab which organizes the issues around Safety, Quality and Access. You can navigate to a particular issue and the website will help find out your representatives and assist you in drafting a letter.

A new Congress requires new bills.

Currently the repeal and replace conversation dominates the health space and I encourage you to share your views with your elected officials. The DPAC score card has contact info for your elected offials and tweets at http://diabetespac.org/scorecard/

The January Ask An Expert looked at the people coming into the administration, there views and thoughts on advocacy communications in their language. http://diabetespac.org/ask-expert-jackson-dc-health-leaders/

The bill to coordinate the agencies that touch diabetes, NCCCA was reintroduced in the house in January in the house and passed on a voice vote. The Senate has not yet taken it up and there is not a bill there yet. The expectation is they will have a different bill and the two will need to be reconciled. We will keep you posted.

The CGM bill has not been reintroduced yet and may not need to be depending on Medicare actions.