Might be a dumb question, but

I just got my Dexcom in the mail today. I’m just wondering, how close do I have to keep the transmitter to the site? I am trying to find that information on the website and I can’t seem to find it. I figured this was the next best place to go!

Any help is appreciated!! :slight_smile:

you mean the receiver? You can have the receiver away from you up to 5 feet. But the transmitter is on the sensor pod

Woops! Yes, that’s what I meant. Thank you! What happens if it is more than 5 feet away? It doesn’t read at all?

I’ve am known to walk away from it when its more than 5 feet away. I end up getting the box with the transmitter sign with a black circle around it which means out of range. Once I am in range it goes back to monitoring. I’m not sure what the others get here but I get an out of range symbol

Sometimes mine will read at more than 5’ away… other times, it won’t. You can set it to alarm if you are “out of range” for 20mins and it will alarm (my students freak out when that happens!). Basically, you just won’t get the readings. I have been at my parents’ and left the receiver down stairs when I went upstairs and it still has picked up, but I have had days where I walk into the other room at my apartment and it won’t pick up.

Maybe I am not understanding your question. The transmitter is the tiny little gadget that is attached directly to the site. The receiver that displays the numbers can be worn or also placed a few feet away, but the site should not be blocked from the transmitter. If I place my receiver on a table beside my bed and my site is on my abdomen, lying down with my back towards the receiver blocks the communication. I get crazy numbers when I do that, so I wear my receiver attached to the top of my pajama pants while sleeping.

My receiver is inconsistent. Sometime it will pick up the signal from a different floor; other times it won’t pick it up from the other side of my body. 5’ is the “official” maximum distance, but my results have varied.

5 feet is the official. I have left mine on the bar between my kitchen and family room. I move around both rooms and it may be I am walking by the receiver when the transmitter speaks but…

So, the real answer is 5-15 feet depending on the day of the week, the phase of the moon, and what you had for breakfast exactly 5 years ago <<GRIN>>.

LOL! You forgot too that it depends on which cat is sleeping on it or how far under the bed the cats have batted it when it falls out of bed at night.
If I walk away to long, it begins to read again when I get back in range, but you may have a gap in the graph. No biggie, I have found the numbers to still be accurate when it finds you again.

I love the “depends on which cat is sleeping on it or how far under the bed the cats have batted it when it falls out of bed at night”. I’m glad I don’t have the only cat who does this! Blanche thinks it is her hip pillow and that she needs to shove it under the blankets before climbing on top of it. I will say she has gotten better at detecting my lows when Larry goes off now, so I’m not complaining (since I sleep like the dead!).