Thinking of getting one

I am working on getting my insurance to pay for at least some of the Dexcom. The Dexcom people, by the way, have been extremely helpful! Anyway, I am wondering how far away from the monitor I can be in order for it to still work. Does it have to be with me at all times or can I have it a certain number of feet from me?
I am excited to get one! I hope it doesn’t take too long!

I think they say 5 feet, but what’s really most important is if there’s anything between you and it.

For instance, I usually put it on the bathroom sink when I’m in the shower, which is a good 7-8 feet away and it rarely loses a signal, but I’ve had nights where I sleep on my stomach and it loses the signal from the nightstand 2 feet away (not a lot, but sometimes).

Good luck! Definitely worth it!


I agree that what really matters is what’s between you and it. I often leave it on my bed when I’m in the shower (8-10 feet away) and when it’s decently charged it reads fine through the wall. Sometimes I leave it on my desk with books between it and I and it’s only 3 feet away and struggles. In terms of insurance, check to see if you can get it through an approved medical supplier. DexCom called me and let me know I’d have to pay 20% because they weren’t approved. I knew I got my pump supplies from CCS Medical and that through them 100% of my durable medical equipment was covered. When I told Dex that they said they’d look into it and a week later CCS Medical called me to notify me they were shipping the CGM. So make sure you know what your insurance is supposed to cover and advocate for yourself if something sounds odd. Good luck!

It might work even 25 feet away, through clear air. But you start forcing the radio signal to travel through RF-consuming materials, and it drops off very fast. Pay special attention to angle at which the signal travels through your body to reach the Receiver: If it’s only going across your Torso, a mere 10-15 inches of tissue, then you’ll be fine. But if the signals must go at upwards angle too, and especially through your head as well, the radio path could have 20+ inches of body tissue. Add all that to some dense wood on the dense wood on an oak headboard or end table, and it’s a challenge.

Walls have the same effect: If the signal gets to go straight through, then it’s barely an inch of sheet rock. But at an oblique angle, it’s easily 3, 4, 5 times as much material. The kind of material matters a lot (as you’d expect, aluminum is MUCH worse than sheet rock, with body tissue in between).

You’ll quickly get a feel for what work and what doesn’t, if you pay attention to locations which go upwards through your chest and head, rather than merely across your body, and aluminum-framed sliding doors. Keep the receiver charged to 3 bars, not just two.

If there’s any run-around from insurance, DO post about it.

I am also thinking about getting on they have been awesome so far i just talked to them today and so far things have been going smooth good luck